Survival Run Canada 2018 Cancellation

As event organizers the hardest message of all to communicate is that of an event cancellation.  

We build up to events as organizers putting in place the necessary preparations. Meanwhile you, our athletes and customers, put in place the necessary training with excitement building all the time as the date comes closer. It is heart-breaking and distressing on all sides when that build-up is cut short with a cancellation notice.

So, it is with very heavy hearts, we are writing to inform everyone that Survival Run Canada 2018 is hereby cancelled. After a great inaugural event in 2017 we had hoped to build on that foundation and develop a bigger, better event second time around, and indeed for years to come. The bottom line is that we were not able to do that. The primary reason is that Squamish, with its network of national parks, various landowners and stakeholders, is not an easy place to produce an event such as Survival Run. Continued effort by our local partner in Canada is still not successful today and so we are not confident at having the required paperwork in place to legally and safely execute the event. This roadblock has, as many of you may have noted, held back other aspects of the event; particularly marketing and promotion of the event, volunteer recruitment, and local engagement. The specter of permitting has held back the momentum. We cannot in good conscience go forward knowing that any event held may not meet local health and safety requirements.

Dylan Morgan, the local organizer for Survival Run Canada is reaching out immediately to all registered runners and volunteers to personally alert them and arrange for full refunds. Please contact him directly at for specifics. 

We apologize whole-heartedly to our athletes, our friends, for this late notice, understanding that many of you have travel plans in place. We hope you are able to get refunds and alter plans. At this difficult time for Nicaragua the core team at Fuego y Agua are circling the wagons to plan the next steps for Survival Run, our brand, our ethos, and our community. We appreciate everyone who has reached out in support during this time and ask everyone to support the people of Nicaragua in any way they can, even just raising awareness via social media or your network of friends.

We will pause at this time to plot the course forward. Stay tuned friends.

Josue & Sean



Fuego y Agua Endurance heads back to Nicaragua for the 10th year in 2018. In 2008, Josue Stephens started an ultra marathon on the island of Ometepe then adding on Survival Run in 2013. Since that time the FYAE Ultras and Survival Run have become globally known premier events. 

For the 10th year, FYAE is pulling out all the stops for both Survival Run Nicaragua and the Ultras. The theme this year is THE REUNION and it's so much more than just a race. The team at FYAE has learned throughout the years it is not just the race that keeps athletes returning year after year, it's the community and the tribe created. 

This year is all about bringing old and new friends together with events all week long to celebrate the tribe. Starting with a Survival Run Pig Roast on Tuesday Night, Survival Run Wednesday - Thursday, followed by a luncheon at Ojo de Agua. Thursday night features a Fuego y Agua buffet and awards ceremony celebrating not only the winners but also showcasing Survival Run Veteran Awards. 

Friday the fun continues to Survival Run Games and the now famous beer mile. Saturday and Sunday feature the Fuego y Agua Ultras - 25km, 50km, and 100km trail races. For Survival Runners it's a chance at the Devil's Double (finishing Survival Run and the 100km ultra). 

The week will feature many returning athletes as well as new competitors looking to take on the challenge that is Survival Run Nicaragua - The Reunion. 


Race Director Report: Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua Nicaragua 2017


Race Director Report: Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua Nicaragua 2017

Report by Gerhard Linner, Fuego y Agua Ultra-Trail Races Director for Latin America

Spanish Version - English Version Below

Después de 3 días de organización de detalles post evento, un poco de descanso,  y de escuchar y leer algunos comentarios, me toca a mí como director de carrera de expresar mis ideas.

Primero que nada, agradecer a todas y cada una de los corredores participantes por la confianza en nuestra organización y en mi persona a la hora de inscribirse en la 8va edición de Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua Nicaragua 2017. Mis respetos y admiración a todas, solo el hecho de pararse en la salida de un evento de estas características son de respetar y admirar. Todos deben de estar orgullosos de ustedes mismos.

Los 25km pintaban que iban a estar complicados por la cantidad de lluvia que había caído el día antes, la subida al Maderas por Finca Mystica es muy técnica y asi lo confirmaron todos. Muchísimas historias saldrán de esa subida y bajada, experiencias lecciones y aprendizajes. Subir y bajar en 5:54 horas como lo hizo José Ignacio Pérez, es increíble, igual de increíble que las 8:03 horas que hizo Oneyda Montoya de Nicaragua. Todos lo hicieron y cumplieron con el reto de llegar a meta.


En 50km la carrera tampoco fue fácil, y es que subir el Maderas 2 veces tampoco es un juego. Son 2720 metros de ascenso muy técnico, ni decir de las bajadas.  Freddy Rojas con un tiempo de 9:04 horas, logra dejarse el primer lugar en lo que fue un reto contra el tiempo, el clima y la montaña. Kathleen Gafney, no solo se deja el primer lugar femenino sino que el 3er lugar general 50km. Una categoría muy disputada de principio a fin. 

Nuevamente Johnson Cruz le demuestra al mundo de que está hecho y reafirma su dominio sobre la isla, llevándose el primer lugar con tiempo increíble de 19:20 horas, esto en los 100km. Al mismo tiempo, Sandra Mejía de Costa Rica, se lleva el primer lugar en femenino con un tiempo de 23:26 horas, siendo la única mujer en terminar la distancia de 100km. Los dos son increíbles atletas y personas, que sin duda alguna seguirán por el camino del éxito en esta locura del Ultra Trail Running.

Como sabían o se dieron cuenta, Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua, no es un juego, ni es una carrera para cualquiera, es un reto épico en la vida de cualquier mortal. No solo para los corredores, sino para la organización también. La complejidad del terreno y el clima son temas que hay entender primero, luego aceptar y por ultimo disfrutar. Si no los entendemos y disfrutamos, no podríamos hacer lo que hacemos. Hacemos las cosas de manera que los todos los inscritos queden satisfechos. Las hacemos como nos gustaría que fueran los eventos donde vamos a participar. El camino es largo y amplio, de aciertos y errores de los que aprendemos y mejoramos día a día. Esperamos tenerlos el próximo ano con muchas mejoras que desde ya les garantizamos, les van a encantar.

Muchas personas más a quienes agradecer por todo el apoyo para que la carrera fuera un éxito. Los voluntarios, sin duda invaluable servicio y apoyo, fueron más de 30 quienes en todo momento prestaron atención a todos los corredores. Todo el staff, Guido Fernández, Josué Fernández, Gaby Stephens, Josué Stephens, a los guías de los volcanes, a todos quienes de una u otra manera colaboraron, muchas gracias.

Y por último, a nuestros patrocinadores quien así como el personal, son empresase instituciones que creen en el proyecto y que nos dan el voto de confianza con su apoyo. Toña Lite, Agua Fuente Pura, Hidramax, INTUR, Luna Sandals, Road ID, Hotel Villa Paraíso.


After 3 days of post-race organization of details, a little race, hear and read some comments, it’s my turn to express my ideas.

First, thanks to each one of the runners that trusted our organization and myself when you registered for the 8th edition of Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua Nicaragua 2017. My respect and admiration to all, just the fact of standing on the start line deserves respect and admiration. All of you should be proud of yourselves.

The 25km seemed they were going to be complicated, especially due to the torrential rain we had the night before, the Mystica ascend is very technical and was confirmed by everyone. Going up and down in 5:54 hours the way Jose Ignacio Perez did, is amazing, as amazing as the 8:03 hours that took Oneyda Montoya from Nicaragua to cross the finish line. Everyone did it and accomplished the goal of getting to the finish.

On the 50km, the race was not easy at all, going up Maderas twice is not a game. It is a total of 2720m of a very technical ascend, same as the downhill. Freddy Rojas did 9:04 hours and manages to take 1st place in what was a challenge against time, weather and mountain. Kathleen Gaffney, not only gets 1st place female, but 3rd general in the 50km. A much disputed category.

Again, Johnson Cruz demonstrates the world what he is made of and reassures his dominance over the island, taking 1st place with an incredible 19:20 hours, this on the 100km. At the same time, Sandra Mejia from Costa Rica, takes 1st female with 23:26 hours, and only female finishing the 100k distance. Both are amazing athletes and persons, that without a doubt they will continue on the success path in this madness of trail running.

As you knew or noticed, Ultra Trail Fuego y Agua, is not a game, and this not a race for the average runner, it is an epic challenge in the life of any regular mortal. Not only for runners, but for organization as well. The complexity of terrain and weather are things you need to understand, then accept and finally enjoy. If we do not understand and enjoy, we would not be able to do what we do. We do things in order to every runner have a great time. We do things the way we would like the events we participate on, to be. It is a long wide road, full of learnings. We hope to have you back next year with a lot of improvements we guarantee you will love.

Lots of people to thank for all the support for this race to be a success. All volunteers, without a doubt you service and support is unevaluable, they were more than 30 that paid attention to all runners at all times. All staff, Guido Fernandez, Josue Fernandez, Gaby Stephens, Josue Stephens, the guides up at the volcanoes, and all of those that in one way or the other collaborated, thank you very much.

And last but not least important, our sponsors, who same as people, are companies and institutions that believe in the project and trust us with their support. Toña Lite, Agua Fuente Pura, Hidramax, INTUR, Luna Sandals, Road ID, Hotel Villa Paraíso.

See you at the next race in Costa Rica this October!