Welcome to "Buckley's Chance" - The first event of its kind in Australia.

In Australia there is a saying "You've got Buckley's Chance," which essentially means, "you have no chance". This saying is based on the true story of William Buckley, an English convict who was transported to Australia, escaped, was given up for dead and lived in an Aboriginal community for many years. 

Buckley's Chance races are best described as "God's own obstacle course", with athletes leaping, crawling, climbing, swimming, and of course running through some of the world's toughest natural environments. 

 BUCKLEY'S CHANCE & SURVIVAL RUN AUSTRALIA are produced and directed by Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon-Hames, 2-time 1st & 2nd place finishers (overall) of the Hunter Gatherer 50km Ultra, and internationally renowned fitness experts. Shown here at the 2016 SURVIVAL RUN NICARAGUA

BUCKLEY'S CHANCE & SURVIVAL RUN AUSTRALIA are produced and directed by Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon-Hames, 2-time 1st & 2nd place finishers (overall) of the Hunter Gatherer 50km Ultra, and internationally renowned fitness experts. Shown here at the 2016 SURVIVAL RUN NICARAGUA

BUCKLEY'S CHANCE is an event for athletes who have participated in any kind of trail, OCR, Ultra Endurance, adventure race or similar to step up and experience the terrain in the NSW Hinterland. 

SURVIVAL RUN takes that extreme experience to another level. This is the ultimate hybrid event where the world's best obstacle racers, sky runners, adventure racers, trail runners, survivalists and military personnel go head to head in a battle of mental, physical and emotional endurance.

In true FUEGO Y AGUA ENDURANCE style, Australia's only SURVIVAL RUN event will take place inside a 20 million year old shield volcano situated in the NSW Southern Highlands. This is the same area where Australian Special Forces Operators have trained Infantry Soldiers in Escape, Evasion and Survival techniques prior to deployment to the Middle East.

BUCKLEY'S CHANCE consists of FOUR separate races:

  1. SURVIVAL RUN - Ultra endurance, Ultra Challenge - APPLICATION ONLY



  4. 1600M "BEER MILE"

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2017 event itinerary

Friday 17th November:

  • 3:00pm: Registration for Survival Run opens.
  • 4:00pm: Survival Run pre-race briefing.
  • 5:00pm Packet Pick-up for Survival Run Commences (Runners should attend ready to race with all required items).

Saturday 18th November:

  • 3:00pm: Packet Pick-up for Off-trail events (25km & 50km) opens.
  • 6:00pm: Survival Run Race Cut-off.
  • 7:00pm: Beer Mile.
  • 7:30pm: BBQ, Survival Run awards, and entertainment. (Bookings required)

Sunday 19th November:

  • 3:00am: Packet Pick-up cut-off for 50km Off-trail
  • 4:00am: Start 50km Off-trail
  • 4:00am: Packet Pick-up cut-off for 25km Off-trail
  • 5:00am: Start 25km Off-trail
  • 11:00am: Cut-off for 25km Off-trail finish
  • 2:00pm: Cut-off for 50km Off-trail finish


  • Is there camping on site? Yes, you can hire an onsite tent, or book a location to set up your own.
  • What if I don't like camping? No problem, there are plenty of hotels and bed & breakfasts within a short drive of the location.
  • How do I get to the location? A list of travel options will be posted soon. The location is 1hr 15mins South of Sydney International Airport, and 1hr 40mins South of the Sydney CBD.
  • Can someone else pick-up my race pack for me? No, but you can collect it yourself up until 1hr before the event..
  • Is there parking on site? Yes, there is plenty of parking adjacent to the Race Village.
  • Is there food available? Yes, there are a number of local cafe's, restaurants and grocery stores nearby, and there will be a limited number of vendors on site.
  • Is there water available on site? Yes, there are fresh rain water tanks.
  • Can I be crewed? No. None of the races are formatted for crewing. Once you leave the Race Village, there is no guarantee you will return until you cross the finish line.
  • Can I be paced? No, no pacers will be allowed on the course.
  • Are there toilets on course? Yes, there are toilets available for use at some checkpoints, and at the Race Village of course.
  • Are there showers? Yes there are hot showers available at the Race Village.
  • Is there first aid on course? Yes, our Medical Director and his team will be mobile throughout the race weekend. All runners are required to carry there own first aid kit though for minor bumps and scratches.
  • Will I get lost? Not likely. All courses have been designed by runners, for runners. In previous years many runners described the course as one of the best marked that they had ever raced on.
  • Can I drop down a category? Yes, as long as you make the decision prior to commencing the event.
  • Are there prizes? Hell yeah! All 10km, 25km & 50km finishers will receive an amazing Buckley’s Chance finishers medal, great event t-shirt and lots of other swag from our friends and family sponsors. If you are speedy enough to pip the others to the post, there are also Trophy’s for first, second and third male and female in each distance (10km/25km/50km). Survival Runners will also receive some fantastic race swag ... but they will have to earn their individual medallions.
  • What exactly does "Off-trail" mean? The simplest way to put it, is that for much of the race you will be running on uncleared ground, a trail that only the runners in front of you, or the race directors in setting up have run on before. This will means you get to experience more, see more, and be a part of the Australian Jungle. It is a brand new experience to add to your running repertoire!
At best you’ve got Buckley’s Chance mate
— The Life and Times of William Buckley, an Escaped Convict

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