WHEN: August 25-26, 2017

WHERE: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

WHAT: 36-Hour Endurance Survival Race

APPLY  Volunteer



WHEN: August 25-26, 2017

WHERE: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

WHAT: 36-Hour Endurance Survival Race

APPLY  Volunteer

About Survival Run CANADA


SURVIVAL RUN NICARAGUA was a roaring success. Despite the <4% (2 of 51 runner) finish rate, we saw some strong performances and met some great athletes. Finishers, and select non-finishers who put in remarkable performances, have received complementary or discounted entries to SURVIVAL RUN CANADA.

ALSO, Sweaty Yeti is partnering with Uprise Performance to present "Survival Running Camp" May 25-28, 2017 - an opportunity to get to know the trails around Squamish and get advice from two SURVIVAL RUN NICARAGUA winners on training and technique. For people wanting a hand to take their training to the next level, take a look at this!

Gift certificates are now available online - helping you coerce your friends and family!

Don't forget the June 31 price hike from $650 to $750, and REGISTER NOW!

A teaser of the terrain on the Survival Run Canada course. 

SURVIVAL RUNCANADA is an 100km+ Ultra Distance Survival Race on the granitic flanks of the Howe Sound fjord, in British Columbia, an hour north of Vancouver. This race will push you in ways you have probably never been challenged and take you to some of the most spectacular terrain that any race accesses. The obstacles/challenges are natural and based on the history and current adventure pursuits of the area.  The race starts and finishes in the adventure sports hub of Squamish. 

This is not your average ultra marathon, adventure race or obstacle course. You will not be scaling wooden walls, doing burpees, kayaking or only running for hours on end, but you will be doing things you have never done before!  You will be challenged with rock climbing, swimming, carrying all sorts of things, digging, running brutal terrain, throwing, and surviving in this epic event! Most of the course and challenges are not revealed until race day; be ready for anything! However, follow us on Instagram at @SurvivalRunCanada and we will drop you hints from time to time.

This race has aggressive cutoffs (expect a finish rate below 30%!) and requires ultra marathon distance experience - athletes must demonstrate to the Race Director's satisfaction, that they came travel safely and have a reasonable chance of progressing through the race. Suggested, though not specifically required, experience includes having completed, within the previous year, two ultra marathons of at least 50km over technical terrain or one 100km ultra marathon over technical terrain, or front-of-field performance in a major endurance obstacle course races, such as Ultra Beast or World's Toughest Mudder will count in your favour, but no particular experience will guarantee acceptance. 

As this is the first year that Survival Run Canada is being run, there are no YouTube videos or blog reports to guide your preparations. Look to Survival Run Nicaragua and Australia to get a feel for the ethos and attitude. Watch the exploits of Squamish athletes to suss out the terrain you will have to negotiate. Now, after you mix a large spoon of cement with your breakfast cereal and HARDEN UP. sign up for this wild ride!!


Application fee (see Application Form): $20

Registration fee (once application has been approved, a private URL will be emailed to you): $550 until December 31, 2016; $650 until June 31, 2017; $750 until August 13, 2017.

Applications and registrations are not transferrable between Survival Run races or people. No refunds will be granted.

Gift certificate entries are available online here - note the refund restrictions.


You can follow us on Instagram at @SurvivalRunCanada to focus on this race, or @FuegoyAgua to keep up with developments for all Survival Run races. We will be posting profile photos of racers as they register, as well as race developments. @SurvivalRunCanada will also be dropping hints to help you prepare.... take note of these!!


Awards for SURVIVAL RUN™ 1st Place Male SOLO, 1st Place Female SOLO & 1st Place TEAM categories.

If I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault!
— Caballo Blanco
The only proof of wanting it more, is suffering more
— Matt Fitzgerald


Applicants must have previous experience to satisfy the Race Director they can travel safely, to be considered for entry!  Accepted applicants will receive a registration link via our Registration System. The race director will issue complete rules over time, but these rules will form the basis and show the spirit.

  1. No whining! SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is hard and dangerous: only big kids should race this. We expect well under half the field to finish the course - don't come expecting a medal: come expecting to learn about yourself.
  2. Entry is by Application only with limited entry. Applications are approved and entry is taken on a "first come, first served" basis. Previous SURVIVAL RUN participants are also required to use the application process for a future SURVIVAL RUN
  3. Learn to climb rocks, mountains, and anything else. Ropes and bars are for gyms. Hands are for more than grabbing food at aid stations.
  4. Runners must be physically able to run over 100km, as well as swim, climb, jump and carry heavy loads
  5. This race is self-supported!! NO FOOD OR WATER WILL BE PROVIDED ON COURSE.
  6. GPS Devices and altimeters of any type are not allowed, and course maps are not provided. The course will generally be marked, but runners must be able to follow directions and route-find when required.
  7. Overall Cutoff time for SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is 36 hours. Other cutoff times on the course will be announced pre-race. All safety-based cutoff times will be STRICTLY enforced, though the Race Director reserves the right to relax non-safety-based cut-offs, and to remove a runner from the race if the Race Director, or delegated representatives, feel the racer cannot continue safely. Note that this is substantially longer than other Survival Runs - but we still expect a finish rate below 50%! Runners who refuse to get off of the course past a cutoff time or after direction to withdraw will be immediately disqualified and may be refused entry to future Survival Runs.  
  8. Runners who wish to drop out of the race must report to the nearest official before doing anything else! Those who do not respect this rule will be disqualified and banned from racing any future Survival Run or Sweaty Yeti events.
  9. Runners are not allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are not allowed!
  10. Runners cannot help each other with challenges or carry loads for each other, except within teams; the only exception is helping each other with first aid. Any runner requesting first aid from race staff or any outside party is deemed to have retired from the race immediately. 
  11. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified immediately! Runners cannot receive outside assistance, including medical aid, during race from anyone not in the race.
  12. Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! Any runner found leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified!
  13. No crew, friends or family allowed anywhere but in the Start/Finish Area or specified Spectator Areas (which will be announced as the race develops).
  14. Runners must provide their own Adventure Sports Insurance, specific instructions are listed below.
  15. Racers do not need to complete ALL challenges - there will be compulsory challenges (failure to complete these will result in the racer being required to withdraw immediately), challenges with time- or other penalties for failure, and challenges for which failure is allowed, but a certain number of non-compulsory challenges must have been completed at each medal check-point to be allowed to proceed.
  16. Challenges must be completed in accordance with the safety instructions of race officials. For example, if a safety rope is provided on a climbing section, it is mandatory that it is used, even if you feel you could safely climb without it. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  17. The trails used by the race are open to, and used by, people outside the race - please be courteous and polite to other trail users at all time! Be aware you will be sharing the trail with hikers, runners, dogs, mountain bikes, and in some area motorcycles. You may also be travelling on public roads at times.
  18. Do not approach or harass wildlife. In particular, do not approach bears or try scare them off - we would hate for a bear to be killed because some ignorant twit caused the bear to attack.
  19. Teams
    1. Teams must remain within 200m of each other at all times unless otherwise required by race challenges
    2. Where a load needs to be carried, the team must together carry 50% more than the amount required for a solo man
    3. Where an obstacle must be climbed or crossed as a challenge (that is, not as part of the course which must be followed to continue) only one team member must climb or cross the obstacle, unless otherwise specified
    4. Skill challenges only need to be completed by one team member

This is a summary of rules. Rules can and will be modified with time. The definitive and final set of rules will be posted at the race venue in advance of the race, where after race officials reserve the right to make rulings which may update or provide exceptions to the rules. Any decision by a race official may be appealed to the race director, but will only be over-turned in exceptional circumstances.


Gear Check may take place at any time from the mandatory race briefing to the Finish line - be ready to lay all of this equipment out in an organized fashion so we can make sure you have all of the required gear. Mandatory gear must be carried throughout the race - failure to present full gear on demand is grounds for a disqualification. Possession of any prohibited items at any time after the start of the race will result in disqualification (if prohibited items are found at a start-line gear check, race officials will allow the racer to hand the items to a third party for safe keeping, but will not accept it themselves.)

We recommend you pack light, as cutoffs are aggressive and the terrain brutal. If you start the race with it, you must carry it all of the way through and finish the race with it, unless you place it in a recognized trash can! Marking your gear with your name is recommended. Each participant, whether TEAM or SOLO category, must have all of the required gear on this list. 


  • GPS Devices
  • Altimeters


  • SPOT Tracker or other type of personal Satellite Tracker provided no maps or coordinates can be read by the racer in the field (racers may ask an official to seal any device they wish to carry which would otherwise fail this requirement - but the seal must remain unbroken)
  • GoPro or similar video camera


  • Sunscreen
  • Work gloves
  • Means to keep your kit dry when swimming
  • Bear spray or deterrent, and bell
  • Cell phone for safety purposes, provided the cell phone is turned off and placed in a bag such that the screen cannot be seen, and the bag is presented to race officials to be sealed; the seal must remain unbroken until final inspection at the finish line.


  1. Your Adventure Travel Insurance Policy covering the 25th to the 28th of August, 2017. **A Proof of Coverage Certificate is required before you begin the race - a copy must be given to race officials at packet pickup. Info is at bottom of this page. 
  2. Signed waiver - we recommend signing this online to make it easier and quicker - a link will be provided closer to the event.
  3. $100 Canadian dollars or a credit card
  4. Water Carrier for at least 2L
  5. 100ft of Paracord (550 cord)
  6. Sturdy knife with a blade of at least 3" (8cm) length
  7. Survival Blanket or Bivvy - We Recommend: SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER® ESCAPE LITE™ BIVVY
  8. First Aid Survival Kit - We Recommend: ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS ULTRALIGHT & WATERTIGHT .7 
  9. Water Purifier or tablets - We Recommend: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  10. Long Sleeve shirt or Jacket, hat, gloves, leggings/long pants made from synthetic insulating material  Mountains can become inhospitable very quickly! You will be away from shelter for many hours at a time
  11. Waterproof rain jacket with hood Again, mountains... we recommend breathable fabric
  12. Plenty of Food and Water and electrolytes! Know your race nutrition 100%. While there are several locations to refill water, mostly from natural streams, there will be few opportunities to purchase food, and no food will be provided at check points.
  13. TWO headlamps (or flashlights) with extra batteries for the main unit - waterproof is ideal; main unit at least 120 lumens, 180+ recommended
  14. UIAA-approved rock climbing harness and rock climbing helmet. - Yes, we are serious. Yes, you will use them. Yes, you need to know how to use them properly. No, you don't need rock climbing shoes, chalk, rope, or any other equipment... unless you feel you will be too fast and need a handicap weight!
  15. Foot spikes or crampons which fit properly on your running footwear and have spikes at least 3/4" (18mm) long. - We recommend Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultras, or the original Hillsound Trail Crampon... and we have partnered with Hillsound to offer you a SPECIAL RACE DISCOUNT!



SURVIVAL RUN CANADA is excited to partner with a number of high-quality local businesses to help runners focus on the race. These include:

ESCAPE ROUTE, Squamish's premier home-grown mountaineering store. Located centrally in Squamish, the store will provide a one-stop-shop for buying any items on the required or recommended gear list (except cell phones and insurance!) at 10% off retail. This takes the stress out of tracking down items you don't already have. It is recommended you contact the store in advance to confirm they have the correct size available.

MTN FUN BASECAMP is a personal and well-run camp site, operated by passionate runners and mountain bikers. The prices for Survival Run Canada are:

  • Group area: $10 per person/day
  • Tenting: $35/day this can be either 3 adults or 2 adults and kids
  • RV site: $45/day and this is 2 adults and kids, with additional adults $10/day
  • Hotel Rooms: $89/night 2 adults and up to 2 kids

EXECUTIVE SUITES HOTEL AND RESORT is an all-suite hotel property with condo-style accommodations, and has offered special prices on studio and single bedroom suites: $169 would apply to the Friday and Saturday, while the days on either side would be available for $149. There are also two bedroom suites.  All of our suites feature:

  • King or Queen Bed
  • Comfortable living room area with queen-size pull-out sofa bed
  • Full kitchens equipped for preparing an elaborate dinner, a hearty breakfast and everything in between
  • Separate dining area for enjoying your home cooked meal or room service
  • Private, covered balcony to enjoy dramatic mountain views
  • Cozy Fireplaces & Washer/Dryers in One & Two Bedroom Suites


This insurance needs to cover you during SURVIVAL RUN. You are REQUIRED to carry this Insurance if you are in the race and are not a resident of Canada. Residents of Canada must sign an additional waiver and show their proof of valid provincial medical insurance. If you have similar insurance with our minimum required coverage through another provider and can provide a valid Certificate of Proof, please send it to us AFTER your have completed your Race Application & Registration. 

  1. Visit one of the Websites linked below.  
  2. IMG Insurance Instructions (BEST FOR USA PARTICIPANTS): 
    1. Choose either Patriot Travel Medical Insurance or Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance. This is your choice. 
    2. Purchase no less than $500,000 Maximum Coverage. 
    3. Deductible amount is up to you - remember this is 100% your responsibility! 
    4. YOU MUST choose SPORTS RIDER as Coverage Option. Any additional items are optional. 
    5. Coverage minimum is 5 days, make sure coverage is at least covering Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017. 
    1. hoose at least a minimum of the DELUXE Plan with with the Personal Accident Coverage. Any more than this is your choice.
    2. Make sure coverage is from Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017. Any more than this is your choice. 
  4. To Provide your Proof of Insurance to Race Officials:
    1. Up to 48 Hours Before Event only! - Email a PDF or Image to info@fuegoyagua.org. *DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CERTIFICATE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE EVENT. 
    2. Bring Paper Proof of Insurance Certificate with you to Packet Pickup - including a copy for the race officials to put on file. *WE DO NOT ACCEPT SCREENSHOT IMAGES ON YOUR PHONE AS PROOF OF INSURANCE. 


  1. Please read through the web page and understand what is included with your race registration very carefully.

  2. While we will be as helpful as is possible, unless advertised on the event description, we do not provide lodging, transportation, reservation support or any other travel related amenities. 

  3. If a runner should require hospitalization he/she MUST provide their own health insurance in order to cover all costs. 

  4. SURVIVAL RUNNERS are REQUIRED to provide their own international travel insurance before participating in an international event. 

  5. If you are looking to register for SURVIVAL RUN, it is by application only. Once your application is approved, you will receive an Invitation Email to register. 
  6. We do not guarantee you a shirt if you register within 30 days of any event. We will do our best to get extra shirts, but can definitely not guarantee your size. 
  7. We do not mail shirts before, during, or after an event. Please make sure you pick your shirt up during the event.
  8. Additional shirts and merchandise may be available for purchase at events. 
  9. We reserve the right to cancel an event due to severe weather or any other severe circumstances (including but not limited to war, terrorism, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis). If the race organization makes the decision that continuing the race is dangerous to the runner, we will not guarantee a refund. We will, however, do our best to give a discount or an entry into next year’s event. 
  10. NO REFUNDS at any time whatsoever.  
  11. Race Entries can NOT be transferred over to another runner. 
  12. Race Entries CANNOT be transferred to the following year.
  13. Race Entries CANNOT be transferred to a different event in another location. 
  14. 1st Place Finishers receive automatic free entry into their winning distance for the following year. If a runner wants to run a different distance, they are responsible for any differences in Registration Cost.


If there are any questions about these policies, or how to register, please contact the Race Director at dylan@fuegoyagua.org

THE tantalus double

Following in the footsteps of Survival Run Nicaragua's infamous Devil's Double, the Tantalus Double involves running both SURVIVAL RUN CANADA and the POKOSHA 50, within three days of each other. This is not an easy feat and we only expect a handful of people to attempt the Double each year. 

Anyone who successfully completes the Tantalus Double is entitled to one free entry into any Sweaty Yeti race within the following year.

Registration for the Pokosha 50 coming soon.


Travel and Accomodation

Travel and Accomodation

Travelling a long way for a race can be full of challenges - how to get from the airport to the race location, which accommodations offer good value for money, where are good places to eat, where can I get equipment I might need? We want to take away as much of this stress for getting to Survival Run Canada... since we plan to pile at least as much stress onto you during the race!!

You can purchase these options when you register, or by emailing the Race Director at dylan@fuegoyagua.org, subject to availability. Purchases are charged in full at time of booking, and may be cancelled for a 50% refund until 30 days before the effective date.

Transfer to Squamish. We are providing transfers from the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to Squamish for $35 per person each way. The shuttles leave the Quay at 11am each day on August 21-25, and returning on August 27, 28, 30 and 31 (NOT 29). From Vancouver Airport (YVR) you can take a taxi or the Canada Line SkyTrain (c.$12/person) into downtown Vancouver, and then the Seabus (water taxi) from Waterfront Station takes you to the Lonsdale Quay; bank on taking two hours from arriving at the SkyTrain station at YVR to arriving at Lonsdale Quay.

Accommodation. We are excited to have partnered with two great establishments to offer you a range of accommodation options. Survival Run Canada is not marking these prices up in any way - we are passing these straight through to give you the best deals possible! (Plus taxes.)

  • The Executive Suites Hotel brings premium quality options:
    • One Bedroom and Studio Suites at $169 (up to two people) on Friday and Saturday, August 25-26, and $149 on the Wednesday and Thursday prior; and the Monday and Tuesday following the weekend.
    • Rates quoted are per suite, per night.  Studio and One Bedroom rates are based on single or double occupancy; an additional charge of $15.00 per person (age 18+), per night, will apply to guestrooms with 3 guests or more. Children under 18 years of age stay free when accompanied by an adult. Room rates are quoted in Canadian funds; rates are NET, Non Commissionable.  All rates are subject to taxes of 15.00%. Taxes are subject to change.
    • To book, contact the hotel, quoting "Survival Run Canada". Phone: 604-815-0048 or 1-877-815-0048, E-mail: info@executivesuitessquamish.com
    • A credit card is required to secure the reservation at the time of booking. A pre-authorization on the card is taken upon arrival and full payment is taken on departure
  • The Mountain Fun Basecamp addresses the needs of the budget-minded racer in a great setting.
    • Hotel Rooms: $89/night 2 adults and up to 2 kids
    • RV site: $45/day and this is 2 adults and kids, with additional adults $10/day
    • Private camping: $35/day this can be either 3 adults or 2 adults and kids
    • Group area camping: $10 per person/day
    • Kids are considered age 13 and under. 
    • To book, contact the hotel, quoting "Survival Run Canada". Phone: 604-390-4200 or email: info@mtn-fun.com. You can also book online for the hotel, RV and private camping (all categories except group camping).

Concierge. Do you want someone to help you with restaurant bookings, guided tours, spa bookings, or extra help with any aspect? Do you want a personal assistant for the little things? We can help you!! For a $50 registration fee, you will be put on our VIP list, and you will have a personal assistant on 24/7 call for $50/hr plus expenses.

Equipment, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions. Survival Run Canada is working to build partnerships in these areas... watch for updates!

Do you have any other questions or needs? Let us know, and we will do our best to help you?



If you are interested in volunteering on this event, please email the race director at volunteer@sweaty-yeti.ca