ENDURANCE ADVENTURE: MOROCCO is co-produced by FUEGO Y AGUA ENDURANCE and Rogue Expeditions. Rogue Expeditions is a unique Austin, Texas -based adventure travel company that creates run-centric vacations around the world. Itineraries are designed to combine unique, authentic travel experiences with organized, supported daily runs in unforgettable places. 

Endurance Adventure: Morocco will challenge your body, open your mind and touch your soul.

No, it’s not a race.

Endurance Adventure: Morocco is a multi-day running adventure in which you will be pushed by mileage, challenged by terrain, immersed in culture and enchanted by a diversely beautiful country. 

Test your endurance as you cover 130km in 5 days through surreal desertscapes, idyllic meadows and snow-capped peaks. High-five local kids and be cheered on by shepherds as you navigate rugged High Atlas mule trails and villages that are only accessible on foot.

Get your hands dirty as you learn about the the daily tasks required of life in a traditional Berber village, where time seems to stand still. Go hard every day, knowing that a delicious Moroccan feast and comfortable, unique accommodation await you each night so that you can recover and go hard again tomorrow. And of course, prizes are awarded to those who complete it all. 

It’s time to go further.