Fuego y Agua Nicaragua

What: 25km, 50km, 100km Trail Runs 

Where: Playa Santo Domingo, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

When: February 6, 2016


If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experiment with a different lifestyle, run a marathon. If you want to speak with God, run an ultra. If before speaking with God you want to be with the Devil...run Fuego y Agua
— Words of wisdom from a #fya2015 50k finisher

Cash Prizes

We are excited to announce Cash Prizes for Fuego y Agua Nicaragua 2016! The competition is heating up already! We have prizes for all distances. All prize amounts are in USD. Comp entries and/or specially discounted entries are not eligible for prize money.

Survival Run Prizes (All 4 Medals only)

  • 1st Place Male = $1000
  • 1st Place Female = $1000
  • 1st Place Team = $750

100km Prizes

  • 1st Place Male = $1000
  • 1st Place Female = $1000
  • 2nd Place Male = $500
  • 2nd Place Female = $500

50km Prizes

  • 1st Place Male = $500
  • 1st Place Female = $500
  • 2nd Place Male = $250
  • 2nd Place Female = $250

25km Prizes

  • 1st Place Male = $250
  • 1st Place Female = $250
  • 2nd Place Male = $100
  • 2nd Place Female = $100

Race Distances (Click Here for Survival Run)

Fuego y Agua 100K

  • Hotel Villa Paraiso, Playa Santo Domingo, Feb 6, 5:00 AM
  • CUTOFF = 28 hours (50km split cutoff = 14 hours)

A North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® qualifier for 3 points and the ultimate ultramarathon challenge! The Fuego y Agua 100km trail race ultramarathon course is an extremely rugged loop course that covers both volcano climbs on Isla de Ometepe! The terrain includes dirt trail, , sandy beach, paved road, technical single track trail, and the infamous "jungle gym" section where racers will navigate a chaotic web of Ometepe trees, disappearing trail and deep mud - a runner favorite since 2008. The course includes the Volcan Concepcion and Volcan Madera climbs.  **a 2+ liter (minimum) Hydration Pack is REQUIRED

Fuego y Agua 50K

  • Hotel Villa Paraiso, Playa Santo Domingo, Feb 6, 5:00 AM
  • CUTOFF = 16 hours (9pm)

The Fuego y Agua 50km ultra trail race is a loop course involving the first half of the 100km course. The terrain includes dirt trail, , sandy beach, paved road, technical single track trail, a chaotic web of Ometepe trees, disappearing trail and mud. The 50K finish is the halfway point for 100K runners. The course includes the Volcan Concepcion climb. **a 2+ liter (minimum) Hydration Pack is REQUIRED


  • Hotel Villa Paraiso, Playa Santo Domingo, Feb 6, 10:00 AM
  • CUTOFF = 8 hours (6pm)

The Fuego y Agua 25km trail race is a loop course involving a section of the 50km course. The terrain includes dirt trail, dirt road, sandy beach and technical single track trail. The course includes a section of Volcan Maderas. **a 1 liter (minimum) Hydration Pack is RECOMMENDED!

Race Award Categories

Winners within these categories will receive a trophy and/or other sponsored prizes. 

  • 100km Male & Female 1st through 3rd Place
  • Survival Run Male & Female 1st through 3rd Place
  • Survival Run Team 1st through 2nd Place
  • 50km Male & Female 1st through 3rd Place
  • 25km Male & Female 1st through 3rd Place

Devil's Double Challenge

180+ kilometers within three days, 4+ ascents and descents of the Maderas and Concepcion volcanoes, extremely tough terrain, nearly impossible challenges! Discounted entry is available for those who register for both the Survival Run and the Fuego y Agua 100k 3 days later. **You must qualify for the Survival Run and enter into both events to participate in this ChallengeAdditional Winner's Trophies will be awarded to those who complete one of these events. 

To participate: Apply for Survival Run and select Devil's Double Challenge, we will send you a discount code with your acceptance email. 

Course Maps

  • Course is mapped using GPS technology and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
  • Course is marked with reflectors, flagging, arrows and volunteers at crucial intersections
  • Fuego y Agua reserves the right to change the course or cutoffs (for safety reasons) at any time. 

Aid Stations

  • Aid Stations (with no cups) are provided for the runners at set distances.
  • Aid Stations located on top of the volcanoes have NO WATER and VERY MINIMAL support, **a 2+ liter (minimum) Hydration Pack is REQUIRED for the 100k and 50k Courses!
  • The Volcano Aid Stations have experienced guides working the course to ensure safety.
  • Most Aid Stations have water, electrolytes, fruit and snacks (except volcanoes!). 

Race Rules

These rules are here to help everyone have a safe and high quality race. Any runner found violating these rules will be pulled from the race and disqualified immediately.  

  1. WHINERS: This race is for big kids, don't come if you make a practice of whining at races. 
  2. CUTOFFS: Cutoff times are posted on the Aid Station Charts. We will enforce these times strictly! You MUST leave the Aid Station BEFORE the Cutoff for the Station.
  3. AID STOPS: Runners are allowed to stop for aid at non-Aid Station locations such as stores, restaurants, and hostels along the course (it is ideal to carry a bit of money).
  4. Required START Items for 50k & 100k are: 2+ liter hydration bladder, headlamp with extra batteries and emergency blanket. You CANNOT start without these items. 
  5. PACERS: Pacers are allowed for 100km runners only after 50km. Only one pacer at a time. No mule-ing allowed (pacers cannot carry water and supplies for their runner). Pacers must sign a Waiver!
  6. DROP BAGS: Drop Bags are allowed at the Start/Finish Only. All Drop bags must be in a sturdy marked bag, and visibly tagged as (FYA-STATION NAME-LAST NAME-BIB #). 
  7. RIDES: Runners are NOT allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are NOT allowed!
  8. DNF-DID NOT FINISH: Runners who wish to drop out (DNF) of the race MUST report to the nearest Aid Station race official immediately. This is imperative! Otherwise we will be out looking for you.
  9. GARBAGE: Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! Any runner found leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified! 
  10. SPECIAL NOTE: Runners who drop from the race are not guaranteed a ride back to the start/finish immediately. If near an Aid Station location, runners can ride with the volunteers once the station is packed up. Buses are also available throughout the island. Taxis can be arranged for pickup at the runner's cost.

Things to Know

  1. CUPS ARE NOT PROVIDED on the race course! **Runners must BRING THEIR OWN water container to fill. 
  2. If a runner should require hospitalization he or she must provide their own international travel/health insurance in order to cover the fees. **We strongly recommend each racer to issue an international insurance in their country of origin before traveling abroad.
  3. Trekking poles are allowed and recommended!
  4. Sunscreen & bug spray are recommended items. 
  5. Aggressive soles such as those for fell running (Inov-8, Salomon, New Balance etc.) are highly recommended.
  6. Light jackets are recommended for the volcanoes. **temps on volcanoes can get very windy and down in the lower 60's
  7. The course will be marked with white flagging, marking chalk and white arrows on ground. 
  8. Due to changes in climate zones during the course, temperatures can range from 100-60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Registration Policies (Español Abajo)

  1. Please read through the web page and understand what is included with your race registration very carefully.

  2. While we will be as helpful as is possible, unless advertised on the event description, we do not provide lodging, transportation, reservation support or any other travel related amenities. 
  3. If a runner should require hospitalization he/she MUST provide their own health insurance in order to cover all costs. 
  4. We strongly recommend each racer to issue an international travel insurance in their country of origin before traveling abroad.
  5. Survival Runners are REQUIRED to provide their own international travel insurance before participating in an international event. 
  6. If you are looking to register for a Survival Run, they are by application only. Once your application is approved, you will receive an Invite Code. 
  7. We do not guarantee you a shirt if you register within 30 days of any event. We will do our best to get extra shirts, but can definitely not guarantee your size. 
  8. We do not mail shirts before, during, or after an event. Please make sure you pick your shirt up during the event.
  9. Additional shirts and merchandise may be available for purchase at events. 
  10. We reserve the right to cancel an event due to severe weather or any other severe circumstances (including but not limited to war, terrorism, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis). If the race organization makes the decision that continuing the race is dangerous to the runner, we will not guarantee a refund. We will, however, do our best to give a discount or an entry into next year’s event. 
  11. Refunds are only available upon special request and only 90 days before the event. *Registration admin fees are non-refundable.
  12. A $25 Processing Fee will be charged on all Race Cancellations and Refunds. No Exceptions.
  13. Race Distance can be changed up to the time of Packet Pickup (example: 50k to 100k). You must pay the price difference of the upgrade before the change is made (if going to a higher priced distance). A refund will not be given if moving to a lower priced distance. 
  14. To initiate a Distance Change, please Paypal the difference in registration cost to info@fuegoyagua.org indicating which distance you would like. The change will be made once the payment is received. If within 24 hours of the race, you must pay the price difference in person.  
  15. Race Entries can be transferred over to another runner ONLY 60 days before the event date (you must contact us 60 DAYS before event to arrange the transfer!). A $35 processing fee will be charged. 
  16. Race Entries can be transferred to the following year once ONLY 60 days before the event date. A $45 processing fee will be charged. 
  17. Race Entries CANNOT be transferred to a different event! (Example: Ultra Caballo Blanco to Fuego y Agua Nicaragua etc..) 
  18. Refunds will be sent via Paypal, let us know in advance if this does not work for you. If we mail you a check, there may be a delay of up to 3 weeks. 
  19. 1st Place Finishers in male and female categories receive automatic free entry into their winning distance for the following year. If a runner wants to run a different distance, they are responsible for any differences in Registration Cost.
  20. All of our races are Cup-Free (cupless) races. Which means you must bring your own water container to the event. For more information, please read our post on why we went cupless.  

Politicas de Inscripcion

  1. Por favor, lea a través de nuestra página web para entender lo que está incluido en su inscripción muy cuidadosamente.
  2. No ofrecemos alojamiento, transporte, apoyo de reservaciones o algún otro servicio relacionado con los viajes.
  3. Si un corredor requiere hospitalización él/ella debe proporcionar su propio seguro de salud con el fin de cubrir todos los costos.
  4. Recomendamos a cada corredor para emitir su propio seguro de viaje internacional en su país de origen antes de viajar al extranjero.
  5. Los corredores para Survival Run están obligados a proporcionar su propio seguro de viaje internacional antes de participar en un evento internacional.
  6. Si usted está buscando para inscribirse en un Survival Run, son solo por aplicación. Una vez que su solicitud sea aprobada, usted recibirá un código de invitación.
  7. Nosotros no garantizamos una camisa si se registra dentro de los 30 días de cualquier evento. Haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para obtener camisas extra, pero definitivamente no podemos garantizar su tamaño.
  8. No enviamos camisas antes, durante, o después de un evento. Por favor, asegúrese de recoger su camisa durante el evento.
  9. Camisas adicionales y mercancías pueden estar disponibles para su compra en los eventos.
  10. Nosotros reservamos el derecho de cancelar un evento por mal tiempo u otras circunstancias graves (incluyendo pero no limitado a la guerra, el terrorismo, las erupciones volcánicas, tornados, huracanes, incendios forestales, tsunamis etc.). Si la organización de la carrera toma la decisión de que la continuación de la carrera es peligroso para el corredor, no vamos a garantizar un reembolso. Nosotros, sin embargo, hacer todo lo posible para dar un descuento o una entrada en el evento del próximo año.
  11. Los reembolsos están disponibles únicamente bajo petición especial y sólo 90 días antes del evento. *gastos de administración de inscripción no son reembolsables.
  12. Un precio de U$25 será cargado en todas las carreras con cancelaciones y reembolsos. No hay excepciones.
  13. Distancia se puede cambiar hasta el momento de la recogida de paquetes (ejemplo: 50k a 100k). Usted debe pagar la diferencia de precio de la actualización antes de realizar el cambio (si va a una distancia de mayor precio). Un reembolso no se dará si se mueve a una distancia menor precio.
  14. Para iniciar un cambio de Distancia, por favor manda por PayPal la diferencia en el costo de inscripción a info@fuegoyagua.org que indica que la distancia que le gustaría. Se hace el cambio una vez que se recibe el pago. Si es dentro de las 24 horas de la carrera, usted debe pagar la diferencia de precio en persona.
  15. Inscripciones se pueden transferir a otro corredor sólo 60 días antes de la fecha del evento (debe ponerse en contacto con nosotros 60 días antes de evento para organizar la entrega!). Se debe pagar una tarifa de procesamiento de U$35.
  16. Inscripciones se pueden transferir al evento siguiente sólo 60 días antes de la fecha del evento. Se debe pagar una tarifa de procesamiento de U$45.
  17. Entradas de carreras no se pueden transferir a un evento diferente! (Ejemplo: Ultra Caballo Blanco a Fuego y Agua Nicaragua etc ..)
  18. Los reembolsos se enviarán a través de Paypal, háganoslo saber de antemano si esto no funciona para usted. 
  19. Primer Lugar finalistas en las categorías masculina y femenina recibirán una entrada gratuita automática en su distancia ganadora para el año siguiente. Si un corredor quiere correr una distancia diferente, ellos son responsables de cualquier diferencia en costo de inscripción.
  20. Todas nuestras carreras son (cupless) carreras de la Copa-Libre. Lo que significa que debe traer su propio depósito de agua para el evento.