Fuego y Agua Nicaragua | 6th Annual | Feb 7, 2015

Join us for the 6th Annual 50k & 100k Ultras and our Calzado Kids Run on beautiful Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua!

**NOTA: Tenemos muy buenos descuentos de inscripcion disponibles para los residentes de México y de América Latina. Por favor, póngase en contacto con info(@)fuegoyagua.com para más información

Fuego y Agua 50K

The Fuego y Agua 50K trail race is a loop course involving the first 50km of the 100km course. The terrain includes dirt trail, , sandy beach, paved road, technical single track trail, and the infamous "jungle gym" section where racers will navigate a chaotic web of Ometepe trees, disappearing trail and deep mud - a runner favorite since 2008. The 50K finish is also the halfway point for 100K runners. The course includes the Volcan Maderas climb and uses 6 Aid Stations

Fuego y Agua 100K

A North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® qualifier for 2 points and the ultimate ultramarathon challenge! The Fuego y Agua 100K trail race course is a rugged loop course. The terrain includes dirt trail, , sandy beach, paved road, technical single track trail, and the infamous "jungle gym" section where racers will navigate a chaotic web of Ometepe trees, disappearing trail and deep mud - a runner favorite since 2008. The course includes the Volcan Maderas and Concepcion climbs and uses 10 Aid Stations.

50k/100k Course Map - click to enlarge


Course Maps

*Download Maps & Elevation Profile in PDF Here

  • Course is mapped using GPS technology and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate 
  • Course is marked with flagging, arrows and volunteers at crucial intersections
  • Fuego y Agua reserves the right to change the course at any time

Aid Stations

 *Download Charts in PDF Here

  • Aid Stations are provided for the runners at set distances.
  • Aid Stations located on top of the volcanoes require much work to get food and equipment up. Because of this, the types of food offered on the volcanoes is limited.
  • The Volcano Aid Stations have experienced guides working the course to ensure safety.
  • Aid Stations have water, electrolytes, fruit and snacks. 


Things to Know for Fuego y Agua Nicaragua

  • CUPS ARE NOT PROVIDED on the race course! Runners must BRING THEIR OWN water container to fill. 
  • If a runner should require hospitalization he or she should provide their own international travel/health insurance in order to cover the fees. We strongly recommend each racer to issue an international insurance in their country of origin before traveling abroad.
  • Sunscreen & bug spray are recommended items. *bugs are generally not as bad on island because of the wind. 
  • Aggressive soles such as those for fell running (Inov-8, Salomon, New Balance etc.) are highly recommended for the volcano sections of the course. *mostly necessary in the section from Porvenir to Merida where it can get extremely muddy and slippery.
  • Light jackets are recommended for the volcanoes. *temps on volcanoes can get very windy and down in the lower 60's
  • The course will be marked with orange flagging, marking chalk and some white powder arrows on ground. 
  • Due to changes in climate zones during the course, temperatures can range from 100-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring proper clothing, bug repellent and sunscreen; the tropical sun can be unforgiving.


Race Rules

These rules are here to help everyone have a safe and high quality race. Any runner found violating these rules will be pulled from the race and disqualified immediately. Survival Run athletes also live by additional or substitute rules, visit Survival Run: Nicaragua page for more information 

NOTE: Aid Station Cutoff times were changed for 2014 with new course start/finish being Playa Santo Domingo and not Moyogalpa.  

CUTOFFS: Cutoff times are posted on the Aid Station Charts. We will enforce these times strictly! You MUST leave the Aid Station BEFORE the Cutoff for the Station.  *Survival Run Cutoff times are different; please see Survival Run Page for more information.

AID STOPS: Runners are allowed to stop for aid at non-Aid Station locations such as stores, restaurants, and hostels along the course (it is ideal to carry a bit of money).

PACERS: Pacers are allowed for 100km runners only after 50km. Only one pacer at a time. No mule-ing allowed (pacers cannot carry water and supplies for their runner). No Pacers allowed in the 50km or Survival Run!

DROP BAGS: Drop Bags are allowed at the Start/Finish Only. All Drop bags must be in a sturdy marked bag, and visibly tagged as (FYA-STATION NAME-LAST NAME-BIB #). 

RIDES: Runners are NOT allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are NOT allowed!

DNF-DID NOT FINISH: Runners who wish to drop out (DNF) of the race MUST report to the nearest Aid Station race official immediately. This is imperative! Otherwise we will be out looking for you.

GARBAGE: Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! Any runner found leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified! 

*NOTE: Runners who drop from the race are not guaranteed a ride back to the start/finish immediately. If near an Aid Station location, runners can ride with the volunteers once the station is packed up. Buses are also available throughout the island. Taxis can be arranged for pickup at the runner's cost.