3rd Annual Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs 

  • When: October, 2015 - TBA
  • Where: San Diego, CA - TBA
  • What: Rugged Trail Races with 3 race options: 25k & 50k Trail Runs, and the brutal Survival Run (50km+)

Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs take trail running back to basics. While the course is marked, it is rough, rocky and rugged. No Aid Stations, filter your own water and carry your own food. The races are on (mostly) the same course as the Survival Run obstacle/challenge race but DO NOT include any obstacles or challenges. Application is required for entry into the Survival Run category, but entry is open to everyone for the 25k and 50k Trail Runs.  

A percentage of the proceeds from this race goes toward Norawas de Raramuri, a nonprofit focused on supporting the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico and the Ultra Caballo Blanco


  • 25km Pricing - $55 (Early Bird), $65 (after Sept 1)
  • 50km Pricing $75 (Early Bird), $95 (after Sept 1)
  • Survival Run Pricing (CLICK HERE)

What is Included with my Registration?

  • Drop Bags transported to Aid Checkpoints.
  • Race Shirt.
  • Race BUFF Headwear. 
  • Finisher's Amulets/Medals.
  • Promotional Items from our Sponsors.

Required Items for Participants

 *NOTE: Survival Runners must refer to their own list of required items.

  • Headlamp & sufficient batteries
  • Water purifier (like Water To Go recommended).
  • Small Emergency Blanket (50k Only).
  • Your food rations for 25k or 50k (depending on your distance). 
  • Appropriate Water container (bottles, Camelbak, Nathan Pack etc.) NOTE: *This is a cupless race
  • Wilderness First Aid Kit (Adventure Medical Kits or similar recommended)

Rules & Things to Know for Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs

*NOTE: These rules are here to help everyone have a safe and high quality race. Any runner found violating these rules will be pulled from the race and disqualified immediately. Survival Run athletes also live by additional or substitute rules, visit Survival Run page for more information 

    • COURSE: Course will be well marked with reflective flagging and some directional arrows. no course map is provided. This is a self supported race, there are NO Aid Stations, but there are 2 Checkpoints with Drop Bag Locations (Survival Run athletes do not get Drop Bags).
    • CUTOFFS: 25km Cutoff is 8 hours, 50km Cutoff is 15 hours.
    • HYDRATION: There are several water sources on the course, but you MUST bring your own water filtration system.  (SteriPen or similar).
    • DROP BAG LOCATIONS: 50k Drop Bags are allowed for the following 2 Checkpoints: Start/Finish & Tipis. 
    • No Drop bags for Survival Runners - Drop bags for the 50k must be in a sturdy marked bag, and visibly tagged as (STATION NAME-LAST NAME-BIB #) 
    • RIDES: Runners are NOT allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. Motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, horses, cows, etc. are NOT allowed!
    • DNF- DID NOT FINISH: Runners who wish to drop out (DNF) of the race MUST report to the nearest race official immediately. This is imperative! Otherwise we will be out looking for you.
    • Runners who DROP from the race are not guaranteed a ride back to the start/finish immediately. If near a Checkpoint location, runners can ride with the volunteers once the station is packed up.