Hold up your right hand and repeat after me: “if I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault,
— Caballo Blanco


BUCKLEY'S CHANCE "OFF" TRAIL RUNS will require athletes to negotiate natural obstacles such as dense scrub, steep ascents and descents, and water crossings. Athletes should expect to crawl, climb, wade, jump and run through what can best be described as "God's own obstacle course". 

ALL THREE Races are "unsupported" meaning:

Athletes will be called upon to carry all required hydration and nutrition themselves. If they run out of water or food they will need to source it from the natural environment, and ensure that it has been purified before consumption.

Though the "OFF" TRAIL RUNS do not require athletes to complete the additional tasks of SURVIVAL RUN, do not underestimate how challenging these courses can be. Athletes can expect to spend more than twice the amount of time on course than in an average trail running event.


  • Packet Pick-up: Packet Pick-up for all three Off-trail events opens at 3pm Saturday 19th Nov 2016 and closes 60min prior to relevant event start time.
  • Start Times:
    • 50km: 4am TBA (Cut off for this event is 10hrs)
    • 25km: 5am TBA (Cut off for this event is 6hrs)
  • Social Events: On Saturday Night (post Survival Run) we will be holding a number of social activities including:
    • inaugural "Beer Mile"
    • BBQ Dinner & Entertainment for runners, supporters and volunteers (Bookings required)


We remind all runners that all events are "Unsupported" so you will be required to carry or source all required hydration and nutrition yourself, as there are no aid stations on course.

50km competitors will be able to access a "Drop Bag" at the 25km Check Point.

If you are participating in the 25km event and are concerned that you will be unable to carry all required hydration we strongly suggest that you bring a water purifier so you can source additional water on the course. For all 50km runners - a water purifier is mandatory.

All runners, regardless of event, must carry the following:

  • Water carrying capacity for at least 2L.
  • Headlamp or Handheld Light + Extra Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Salt Tablets or similar
  • Survival knife, pocket knife or Leatherman tool with blade.
  • A Survival Whistle


  • Trail Shoes: with a grip suited to slippery/ muddy surfaces **shoes are required, but this type of shoe recommended
  • Bugspray: To help protect against leeches and other insects (OFF is the brand that seems to work best with the Leeches!)
  • Sun screen
  • Gaiters: We suggest Moxie Gear shin gaiters