WHEN: March 11, 2017

WHERE: Finca San Juan, Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

WHAT: 24-Hour Endurance Survival Race


About Survival Run Nicaragua


SURVIVAL RUNNICARAGUA is an 80km+ Ultra Distance Survival Race on the volcanic jungles of Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. The objective of this race is to strip you of all comforts and to put you in true survival mode. The obstacles/challenges are natural and based on the daily survival of the traditional local culture of Nicaragua.  The race starts and finishes at Finca San Juan de la Isla

This is not your average ultra marathon, adventure race or obstacle course. You will not be scaling walls, doing burpees, kayaking or only running for hours on end, but you will be doing things you have never done before!  You will be challenged with climbing, swimming/diving, jungle rivers & lakes, carrying all sorts of things, digging, running brutal terrain, throwing, memorizing, and surviving in this epic event! This race has aggressive cutoffs and requires ultra marathon distance experience. Most of the course and challenges are not revealed until race day; be ready for anything!

Awards for SURVIVAL RUN™ 1st Place Male SOLO, Female SOLO & TEAM categories.

Hold up your right hand and repeat after me: “if I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault,
— Caballo Blanco


Applicants must have previous ultra distance experience to be considered for entry!  Accepted applicants will receive a registration link via our Registration System.

General SURVIVAL RUN & TEAM Category Rules HERE

  1. SURVIVAL RUN™ NICARAGUA is hard and dangerous, don't bring your mom and dad. *This race is for big kids.
  2. Complaints will be used against you. *This is not your average hometown race with simulated danger.
  3. Entry is by Application only with limited entry. *Applications are approved and entry is taken on a "first come, first served" basis. 
  4. Previous SURVIVAL RUN participants are also required to use the application process for a future SURVIVAL RUN
  5. Learn to climb trees. *ropes and bars are for gyms.
  6. Runners must be physically able to run over 80km, swim, climb, jump and carry heavy loads.
  7. Learn proper race hydration and nutrition before coming to this race. *No food and water provided on the course.
  8. GPS Devices of any type are not allowed, course maps are not provided. *Course marking in some areas, but mostly runners must be able to follow directions and self-navigate.
  9. Overall Cutoff time for SURVIVAL RUN™ NICARAGUA is 24 hours. **Other cutoff times on the course will be announced pre-race. All cutoff times will be STRICTLY enforced.
  10. Runners who refuse to get off of the course past a cutoff time is immediately disqualified and must hand in their race number.  **If they insist on continuing, they must sign a waiver stating they are no longer under the race jurisdiction and protection.
  11. Runners who wish to drop out of the race must report to the nearest volunteer before doing anything else! **Those who do not respect this rule will be disqualified and banned from racing any future FUEGO Y AGUA ENDURANCE events.
  12. Runners are not allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. **Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are not allowed!
  13. Runners cannot help each other with challenges or carry loads for each other. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified immediately! 
  14. Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! *Any runner found leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified!
  15. Runners cannot receive outside medical aid during race from anyone not in the race.
  16. No crew, friends or family allowed anywhere but in the Start/Finish Area.
  17. Runners must provide their own Adventure Sports Insurance, specific instructions are listed below.
  18. All challenges must be completed to be eligible for any prize and winner's trophy.


2017 Updated List Coming Soon (will not be much different than what is here) 

Gear Check - at Start/Finish - Be ready to lay all of this equipment out in an organized fashion so we can make sure you have all of the required gear. 

We recommend you pack light, cutoffs are aggressive. If you start the race with it, you must carry it all of the way through and finish the race with it!. Marking your gear with your name is recommended. This is Nicaragua, if you have any special dietary needs, reconsider. Each participant, whether TEAM or SOLO category, must have all of the required gear on this list. 


  • GPS Devices
  • Cell Phones


  • SPOT Tracker or other type of personal Satellite Tracker
  • GoPro or similar video camera


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray 
  • Gloves 
  • Leg & Arm Sleeves


  1. Your Adventure Travel Insurance Policy covering the 3rd through 6th of February, 2015**A Proof of Coverage Certificate is required before you begin the race. Info is at bottom of this page. 
  2. 1000 Nicaraguan Cordobas in small bills
  3. Water Carrier for at least 2L
  4. 100ft of Paracord (550 cord)
  5. Survival Blanket or Bivvy - We Recommend: SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER® ESCAPE LITE™ BIVVY 
  6. First Aid Survival Kit - We Recommend: ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS ULTRALIGHT & WATERTIGHT .7 
  7. Water Purifier - We Recommend: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  8. Long Sleeve shirt or Jacket **Volcanoes can get cold and windy very quickly! bring whatever clothing you need
  9. Plenty of Food and Water! **know your race nutrition 100%, you can sometimes trade with locals or buy food at small shops on the course.
  10. Electrolytes **SCaps, Endurolytes, SaltStick, Nuun or what works for you. 
  11. TWO Glowsticks or flashing lights **and method to attach to pack, you MUST wear one at all times when in the dark. 
  12. TWO headlamps (or flashlights) **waterproof is ideal
  13. Extra Batteries
  14. Sharp Machete (18" minimum recommended - handle included) with sturdy sheath and sharpening file, these can be easily sourced in Nicaragua, but need to be sharpened.
  15. TWO Large Grain Sacks **can easily be purchased in any Nicaragua hardware store if you arrive on time, 100lb capacity.


This insurance needs to cover you during SURVIVAL RUN. You are REQUIRED to carry this Insurance if you are in the race and are not a resident of Nicaragua. Residents of Nicaragua must sign an additional waiver and show their proof of valid  in country medical insurance. If you have similar insurance with our minimum required coverage through another provider and can provide a valid Certificate of Proof, please send it to us AFTER your have completed your Race Application & Registration. 

  1. Visit one of the Websites linked below.  
  2. IMG Insurance Instructions (BEST FOR USA PARTICIPANTS): 
    1. Choose either Patriot Travel Medical Insurance or Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance. This is your choice. 
    2. Purchase no less than $500,000 Maximum Coverage. 
    3. Deductible amount is up to you - remember this is 100% your responsibility! 
    4. YOU MUST choose SPORTS RIDER as Coverage Option. Any additional items are optional. 
    5. Coverage minimum is 5 days, make sure coverage is at least covering Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017. 
    1. hoose at least a minimum of the DELUXE Plan with with the Personal Accident Coverage. Any more than this is your choice.
    2. Make sure coverage is from Friday March 10 through Sunday March 12, 2017. Any more than this is your choice. 
  4. To Provide your Proof of Insurance to Race Officials:
    1. Up to 48 Hours Before Event only! - Email a PDF or Image to *DO NOT EMAIL YOUR CERTIFICATE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE EVENT. 
    2. Bring Paper Proof of Insurance Certificate with you to Packet Pickup. *WE DO NOT ACCEPT SCREENSHOT IMAGES ON YOUR PHONE AS PROOF OF INSURANCE. 


  1. Please read through the web page and understand what is included with your race registration very carefully.

  2. While we will be as helpful as is possible, unless advertised on the event description, we do not provide lodging, transportation, reservation support or any other travel related amenities. 

  3. If a runner should require hospitalization he/she MUST provide their own health insurance in order to cover all costs. 

  4. SURVIVAL RUNNERS are REQUIRED to provide their own international travel insurance before participating in an international event. 

  5. If you are looking to register for SURVIVAL RUN, it is by application only. Once your application is approved, you will receive an Invitation Email to register. 
  6. We do not guarantee you a shirt if you register within 30 days of any event. We will do our best to get extra shirts, but can definitely not guarantee your size. 
  7. We do not mail shirts before, during, or after an event. Please make sure you pick your shirt up during the event.
  8. Additional shirts and merchandise may be available for purchase at events. 
  9. We reserve the right to cancel an event due to severe weather or any other severe circumstances (including but not limited to war, terrorism, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis). If the race organization makes the decision that continuing the race is dangerous to the runner, we will not guarantee a refund. We will, however, do our best to give a discount or an entry into next year’s event. 
  10. NO REFUNDS at any time whatsoever.  
  11. Race Entries can NOT be transferred over to another runner. 
  12. Race Entries CANNOT be transferred to the following year.
  13. Race Entries CANNOT be transferred to a different event in another location. 
  14. 1st Place Finishers receive automatic free entry into their winning distance for the following year. If a runner wants to run a different distance, they are responsible for any differences in Registration Cost.


Started in 2014, the Devil's Double involves finishing both SURVIVAL RUN™ NICARAGUA and the  FUEGO Y AGUA 100KM ULTRA TRAIL RUN within three days of each other. This is not an easy feat and only a small handful of people finish it. 

2014 DEVIL'S DOUBLE Finishers

  1. Nickademus Hollon
  2. Johnson Cruz
  3. "Paco Raptor" 

2015 DEVIL'S DOUBLE Finishers

  1. "Paco Raptor" 
  2. Mark Wheeler

2016 DEVIL'S DOUBLE Finishers

  1. Helene Dumais
  2. Johnson Cruz
  3. Arian Van Helden