Hold up your right hand and repeat after me: “if I get hurt, lost or die, it is my own damn fault,
— Caballo Blanco

About Survival Run AUSTRALIA

SURVIVAL RUN is not for those who question their own ability.

We expect to see the world's best obstacle racers, sky runners, adventure racers, trail runners, survivalists and military personnel to go head to head in a battle of mental, physical and emotional endurance.

  • You must have completed a 50km+ Race or Ultra Endurance (12hrs+) event to have your application considered

  • You will be completing a number of challenges during the event. More details on these will be revealed later in the future.

  • Do not expect to finish the race....  

SURVIVAL RUN is not an obstacle course race, an adventure race, or an ultra-marathon. It is  an original combination of all of these. It is not a standard definition obstacle course race, with man-made mud, manufactured obstacles and gimmicky fire jumps. Survival Run is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the historic indigenous culture and unique location where the event takes place.

That is why athletes must apply to participate. Only those who are truly prepared to take on these extreme challenges will be considered.

As with all of the BUCKLEY'S CHANCE races, SURVIVAL RUN is "unsupported" meaning, athletes will be called upon to carry all required hydration and nutrition themselves. If they run out of water or food they will need to source it from the natural environment, and ensure that it has been purified before consumption.


Awards are given for SURVIVAL RUN™ 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall SOLO finishers & 1st TEAM finishers.


Applicants must have previous ultra distance experience to be considered for entry!  Accepted applicants will receive a registration link via our Registration System.

General SURVIVAL RUN & Team Category Rules can be found HERE

  1. SURVIVAL RUN AUSTRALIA is hard and dangerous, don't bring your mom and dad. *This race is for big kids.
  2. Complaints will be used against you. *This is not your average hometown race with simulated danger.
  3. Entry is by application only with limited entry. *Applications are approved and entry is taken on a "first come, first served" basis. .
  4. Learn to climb trees. *ropes and bars are for gyms.
  5. Runners must be physically able to run over 80km, swim, climb, jump and carry heavy loads.
  6. Learn proper race hydration and nutrition before coming to this race. *No food and water provided on the course.
  7. GPS Devices of any type are not allowed, course maps are not provided. *Course marking in some areas, but mostly runners must be able to follow directions and self-navigate.
  8. Overall Cutoff time for SURVIVAL RUN AUSTRALIA is 24 hours**Other cutoff times on the course will be announced pre-race. All cutoff times will be STRICTLY enforced.
  9. Runners who refuse to get off of the course past a cutoff time is immediately disqualified and must hand in their race number.  **If they insist on continuing, they must sign a waiver stating they are no longer under the race jurisdiction and protection.
  10. Runners who wish to drop out of the race must report to the nearest volunteer before doing anything else! **Those who do not respect this rule will be disqualified and banned from racing any future events.
  11. Runners are not allowed to take rides of any sort during the course of the race. **Motorcycles, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Horses, Cows, etc. are not allowed!
  12. Runners cannot help each other with challenges or carry loads for each other. Anyone found cheating will be disqualified immediately! 
  13. Throwing trash out on the course is prohibited! *Any runner found leaving trash on the course will be Immediately Disqualified!
  14. Runners cannot receive outside medical aid during race from anyone not in the race.
  15. No crew, friends or family allowed anywhere but in the Start/Finish Area.
  16. Runners must provide their own Adventure Sports Insurance, specific instructions are listed below.


Gear Check - Be ready to lay all of this equipment out in an organized fashion so we can make sure you have the required gear.

NOTE: GoPros or similar are allowed, GPS is NOT allowed! 

Allowed Items

  • SPOT Trackers or other brands of personal satellite devices
  • GoPro or similar video devices or still cameras

Prohibited Items

  • GPS tracking/ guidance devices
  • Mobile/ Cell Phones or other handheld internet devices.
  • Cigarettes
  • Headphones and music devices
  • Zip Ties

Required Items

  • A sharp Machete with sheath
  • A single piece of material - either 1.5m x 3m or 1m x 4m, with no premade holes, markings or attachments
  • 25m of paracord (550 cord)
  • Water carrying capacity for at least 2L.
  • Water Purifier.
  • 2 x Headlamps or Handheld Light + Extra Batteries.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Survival knife, pocket knife or Leatherman tool with blade.
  • A Survival Whistle.
  • Basic Compass.
  • Gaiters: We suggest Moxie Gear shin gaiters: http://www.moxiegear.com.au/#!moxie-shin-gaiters/zuv4v .
  • Minimum 2 x Pairs of socks
  • NOTE: This year you will NOT be required to make your own leather water carrying device.

Our Event Shop will have some of these items available. (COMING SOON)


  • Trail Shoes: with a grip suited to slippery/ muddy surfaces **shoes are required, but this type of shoe recommended.
  • Bugspray: To help protect against leeches and other insects (OFF is the brand that seems to work best with the Leeches!)
  • Sun screen.
  • Cotton & Needle (To be used for making pack)


If you are not an Australian resident, this insurance will cover you during a Survival Run. You are REQUIRED to present a copy of this insure prior to Packet Pick-up.

Australian residents must sign an additional waiver and show proof of valid medical insurance. 

  1. Visit the applicable website above.
  2. Non Aussies, choose either Patriot Travel Medical Insurance or Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance. This is your choice. 
  3. Purchase no less than $500,000 Maximum Coverage. 
  4. Deductible amount is up to you - remember this is 100% your responsibility! 
  5. YOU MUST choose SPORTS RIDER as Coverage Option. Any additional items are optional. 
  6. Coverage minimum is 5 days, MAKE SURE It covers through the event - If you are doing both races, then more than 5 days is ideal! YOU MUST Bring Proof of Insurance Certificate with you to Packet Pickup or email it to em@bootcamp.com.au .