Ultra Trail Nicaragua Returns!

We’re back.

Dearest Fuego y Agua friends and family, we are very excited to announce that we are returning to Nicaragua in 2020. On Saturday February 22nd, after a hiatus of all things FYA, we will return to where everything began: Isla de Ometepe.. 

As an organisation and as individuals we were saddened and shocked by the social unrest in Nicaragua in 2018, and subsequently, because our team have lives to lead and bills to pay, we moved on to other projects. Gnawing away in the back of our minds though was a sense of unfinished business, a sense of longing - we miss our friends, our community of runners, our weekend on Ometepe each year. We have been looking for the opportunity to return and we hope you will come back to run with us once again on the magical volcanoes of Ometepe - there simply isn’t anywhere else like it!

Why no Survival Run?

For the moment the Survival Run concept remains on hold. First we need to test the waters again and see how the running events are supported before contemplating the future of Survival Run. Also, to be brutally honest, what Survival Run needs to continue and develop further is external funding beyond what it generates in registration from athletes. It is an incredibly complex event, involving a huge production team, and a massive amount of planning. If this were in the context of a television production, or supported by a large brand or other benefactor with a goal of generating amazing content, the event could live on and flourish. Until that time, unfortunately, it remains on hold..

Are tourists back in Nicaragua?

Yes, tourism numbers are rising again and returning to volumes seen in 2015/2016, our partners in Nicaragua tell us that month by month business improves and people are returning to work. So, in a way, it is an amazing time to visit. You’ll get an amazing welcome, local businesses really want and need your custom, attractions will be less busy and prices are much lower, especially for accommodation. For the moment the sociopolitical situation is more stable. We don’t know for sure what will happen next but we are putting our hopes in a peaceful near-term and long-term future for Nicaragua. The goal of the event is bringing smiles and good vibes to Ometepe. A celebration of running in a place that has been an amazing home to Fuego y Agua. We hope the event can contribute something to the rebuilding and rebranding of the tourism in Nicaragua again. 

What can the event contribute? 

Let’s be totally honest here. The Fuego y Agua events in Nicaragua have never generated income for the organising team. It is not about making money. We all have other jobs in order to live and provide for ourselves and our families. This is a project of passion. The goal is a boost for Isla de Ometepe local tourism, a boost for Ometepe and Nicaragua tourism through our online audience, and a boost for the aspiring running community in Nicaragua. Fuego y Agua has accumulated a huge bank of goodwill in Nicaragua and on Ometepe over the years and we feel passionately as one of the first organisations to start sporting events in the country, that it is time for us to take the lead again…

¡Estamos regresando!

Queridos amigos y familiares de Fuego y Agua, estamos muy emocionados de anunciar que regresaremos a Nicaragua en 2020. El sábado 22 de febrero, después de un paréntesis de todas las cosas de FYA, regresaremos a donde comenzó todo: Isla de Ometepe.

Como organización y como individuos, nos sentimos tristes y conmocionados por los disturbios sociales en Nicaragua en 2018, y posteriormente, debido a que nuestro equipo tiene vidas que liderar y facturas que pagar, pasamos a otros proyectos. Sin embargo, que estaba preocupando nos, en el fondo de nuestras mentes era una sensación de asuntos pendientes, una sensación de anhelo: extrañamos a nuestros amigos, nuestra comunidad de corredores, nuestro fin de semana en Ometepe cada año. Hemos estado buscando la oportunidad de regresar y esperamos que vuelvas a correr con nosotros una vez más en los volcanes mágicos de Ometepe, ¡simplemente no hay otro lugar como este!

¿Por qué no Survival Run?

Por el momento, el concepto Survival Run permanece en espera. Primero necesitamos probar las aguas nuevamente y ver cómo se apoyan los eventos de carrera antes de contemplar el futuro de Survival Run. Además, para ser brutalmente honesto, lo que Survival Run necesita para continuar y desarrollarse más es financiamiento externo más allá de lo que genera en el registro de los atletas. Es un evento increíblemente complejo, que involucra un gran equipo de producción y una gran cantidad de planificación. Si esto fuera en el contexto de una producción de televisión, o con el apoyo de una gran marca u otro benefactor con el objetivo de generar contenido sorprendente, el evento podría vivir y florecer. Hasta ese momento, lastimosamente, permanece en espera…

¿Los turistas están de vuelta en Nicaragua?

Sí, los números de turismo están aumentando nuevamente y volviendo a los volúmenes vistos en 2015/2016, nuestros socios allí nos dicen que mes a mes el negocio mejora y las personas regresan al trabajo. Entonces, en cierto modo, es un momento increíble para visitar. Recibirá una bienvenida increíble, las empresas locales realmente quieren y necesitan su costumbre, las atracciones estarán menos ocupadas y los precios serán mucho más bajos, especialmente para el alojamiento. Por el momento la situación sociopolítica es más estable. No sabemos con certeza qué sucederá después, pero estamos poniendo nuestras esperanzas en un futuro pacífico a corto y largo plazo para Nicaragua. El objetivo del evento es traer sonrisas y buen rollo a Ometepe. Una celebración de correr en un lugar que ha sido un hogar increíble para Fuego y Agua. Esperamos que el evento pueda contribuir de nuevo a la reconstrucción y el cambio de marca del turismo en Nicaragua.

¿Qué puede aportar el evento?

Seamos totalmente honestos aquí. Los eventos de Fuego y Agua en Nicaragua nunca han generado ingresos para el equipo organizador. No se trata de ganar dinero. Todos tenemos otros trabajos para vivir y mantenernos a nosotros mismos y a nuestras familias. Este es un proyecto de pasión. El objetivo es un impulso para el turismo local de la Isla de Ometepe, un impulso para el turismo de Ometepe y Nicaragua a través de nuestra audiencia en línea, y un impulso para la comunidad aspirante a correr en Nicaragua. Fuego y Agua ha acumulado un gran banco de buena voluntad en Nicaragua y en Ometepe a lo largo de los años y nos sentimos apasionadamente como una de las primeras organizaciones en comenzar eventos deportivos en el país, que es hora de que tomemos la delantera nuevamente ...

Survival Run Canada 2018 Cancellation

As event organizers the hardest message of all to communicate is that of an event cancellation.  

We build up to events as organizers putting in place the necessary preparations. Meanwhile you, our athletes and customers, put in place the necessary training with excitement building all the time as the date comes closer. It is heart-breaking and distressing on all sides when that build-up is cut short with a cancellation notice.

So, it is with very heavy hearts, we are writing to inform everyone that Survival Run Canada 2018 is hereby cancelled. After a great inaugural event in 2017 we had hoped to build on that foundation and develop a bigger, better event second time around, and indeed for years to come. The bottom line is that we were not able to do that. The primary reason is that Squamish, with its network of national parks, various landowners and stakeholders, is not an easy place to produce an event such as Survival Run. Continued effort by our local partner in Canada is still not successful today and so we are not confident at having the required paperwork in place to legally and safely execute the event. This roadblock has, as many of you may have noted, held back other aspects of the event; particularly marketing and promotion of the event, volunteer recruitment, and local engagement. The specter of permitting has held back the momentum. We cannot in good conscience go forward knowing that any event held may not meet local health and safety requirements.

Dylan Morgan, the local organizer for Survival Run Canada is reaching out immediately to all registered runners and volunteers to personally alert them and arrange for full refunds. Please contact him directly at dylan@fuegoyagua.org for specifics. 

We apologize whole-heartedly to our athletes, our friends, for this late notice, understanding that many of you have travel plans in place. We hope you are able to get refunds and alter plans. At this difficult time for Nicaragua the core team at Fuego y Agua are circling the wagons to plan the next steps for Survival Run, our brand, our ethos, and our community. We appreciate everyone who has reached out in support during this time and ask everyone to support the people of Nicaragua in any way they can, even just raising awareness via social media or your network of friends.

We will pause at this time to plot the course forward. Stay tuned friends.

Josue & Sean



Fuego y Agua Endurance heads back to Nicaragua for the 10th year in 2018. In 2008, Josue Stephens started an ultra marathon on the island of Ometepe then adding on Survival Run in 2013. Since that time the FYAE Ultras and Survival Run have become globally known premier events. 

For the 10th year, FYAE is pulling out all the stops for both Survival Run Nicaragua and the Ultras. The theme this year is THE REUNION and it's so much more than just a race. The team at FYAE has learned throughout the years it is not just the race that keeps athletes returning year after year, it's the community and the tribe created. 

This year is all about bringing old and new friends together with events all week long to celebrate the tribe. Starting with a Survival Run Pig Roast on Tuesday Night, Survival Run Wednesday - Thursday, followed by a luncheon at Ojo de Agua. Thursday night features a Fuego y Agua buffet and awards ceremony celebrating not only the winners but also showcasing Survival Run Veteran Awards. 

Friday the fun continues to Survival Run Games and the now famous beer mile. Saturday and Sunday feature the Fuego y Agua Ultras - 25km, 50km, and 100km trail races. For Survival Runners it's a chance at the Devil's Double (finishing Survival Run and the 100km ultra). 

The week will feature many returning athletes as well as new competitors looking to take on the challenge that is Survival Run Nicaragua - The Reunion.