For the first time ever we are introducing a Team Option for the Survival Run in Nicaragua on Feb 4, 2015. We will have a Team Category for 1st Place Team. The rules are the same as the solo option unless listed below.


If you are already in the Survival Run as a solo runner, you can switch to the Team Option by contacting us by Jan 15th. 

  1. Both Team members must apply and be approved separately - just state your intention to be on a Team and your team mates name on the appplication
  2. Both Team members must register separately.
  3. Both Team members will receive their own medals ( I DID NOT FAIL idols) 
  4. While racing, team members must be within sight of each other at all times
  5. Team members must cover all of the course together, this includes the volcano climbs. 
  6. Only one of the team members is required to complete a challenge to qualify (example: only one person has to swim out to the island to retrieve item, only one person has to climb up the tree etc.)
  7. Team members can share a load, or switch off during the carries (example: 50lbs of firewood can be split for two, or runners take turns carrying the weight)
  8. Teams can share the following items from the list (only one is required for the team)
    • Hacksaw Blades
    • Machete
    • Inner Tubes