We are happy to announce Bison Designs as a sponsor for the 2013 Hunter Gatherer Ultras & Survival Runs in Rocksprings, TX on October 5th.  

They will be providing prizes for our top finishers, as well as discounts for competitors.  We love it when we find a great race event/sponsor fit!  

Bison Designs is a Longmont, CO based company, here is information from their About US Page:

"Bison Designs was established by Brian Kelleghan in 1987  to produce belts manufactured from climbing webbing.  We originated the process by which  patterns could be woven into webbing for more unique styles, and continue using this process today, manufacturing all of our belts in Longmont, Colorado USA.

Over the years, our product line has continued to expand, to include a large variety of pet accessoriesparacord survival accessories, unique & custom aluminum accessories (including carabiners, bottle openers, and more), as well as a number of chalk related products. We now do business under the names of Bison Designs LLC, Bison Pets LLC, and Bison Belts LLC, and our products can be found in thousands of Outdoor and Pet specialty stores throughout the United States.

We design our pet products around the way customers live with their pets. Pet safety and comfort is our #1 concern…and of course they should look great, too.

We continue to innovate the paracord accessory market with truly functional and practical survival basics, wrapped in wearable bracelets, belts, keychains, and more.  A portion of the proceeds of all paracord products is donated to organizations which provide support for wounded veterans.

In everything we do, we are dedicated to product excellence, relentless innovation and above all else, exemplary customer service."