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Look in your local Whole Foods or REI for Saquito Mix!

*currently available in limited areas of the USA

We are happy to announce Saquito Mix as a sponsor for the 2013 Hunter Gatherer Ultras & Survival Runs  in Rocksprings, TX on October 5th.  

We will have Saquito Mix for all participants in the event, as well as boxes of product for prizes.

Saquito Chia Energy Mix is your opportunity to Go Beyond the Energy Bar. Made from a unique blend of trusted and ancient energy foods, Saquito is vegan, gluten free, low in sugar, high in omega 3 fatty acids, offers complete protein and is made with 95% organic ingredients.

Saquito Mix Founder Zach Azeez says about his product "I was inspired to create Saquito out of my frustration with how much sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed ingredients there are in today's energy bars. I found a solution to this problem with the discovery of an ancient energy food that I remade for today."