In Australia there is a saying "You've got Buckley's Chance," which essentially means, "you have no chance". This saying is based on the true story of William Buckley, an English convict who was transported to Australia, escaped, was given up for dead and lived in an Aboriginal community for many years.

We feel this story very much reflects the reality of Survival Run and that is why we are proud to present Survival Run Australia: Buckley's Chance on October 24, 2015 in the epic jungle terrain of Wollumbin National Park, Mt. Warning, New South Wales!

How did this happen?

well known in the fitness and endurance world, and with several ultra and trail race wins, Chief and Emilie are not messing around. 

well known in the fitness and endurance world, and with several ultra and trail race wins, Chief and Emilie are not messing around. 

A few years back I met Chief Brabon and Emilie Brabon at the first Hunter Gatherer Survival Run and 50k race. They flew in last minute from Australia to compete in the 50k and dominated the course, coming in 1st and 2nd Place overall, hours ahead of everyone else. I then found out Chief Brabon was a former soldier in the Australian Army, and a well known ultra runner and fitness coach in Australia. Together with Emilie, they operate ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, the largest Fitness Bootcamp in Australia, with locations expanding in Asia and South Africa. They came for the 50k Ultra but left Hunter Gatherer super fascinated with the concept of a Survival Run and were excited about bringing it to Australia. Chief and Emilie returned to Hunter Gatherer in 2014 and won the 50k race overall again. After much discussion, and some time searching for the perfect venue, it was decided the volcanic Wollumbin area (Mt. Warning) in New South Wales was an excellent fit for the first Survival Run in Australia! The area is covered in jungle, with rivers, caves, waterfalls and large cliff areas. The stories and legends surrounding the area will be a part of the race course design.

what will it be like?

The Survival Run Australia race format will be similar to Fuego y Agua Survival Run Nicaragua, approximately 24 hours, 75+ km, brutal jungle terrain, I DID NOT FAIL "medals" to earn/collect through the race, and a course designed to do homage to those who survived in the area hundreds and even thousands of years ago! Unlike Hunter Gatherer, this race will not focus on specific Survival skills such as fire making, sandal making, identifying native plants etc. This race will focus on natural instincts and adapting to survival in the area. A post with some training information will be provided soon, as well as a list of Required Items.  

In addition to the Survival Run, Buckley's Chance 25km and 50km "Off-Trail" race options are available, these races are "run-only" and do not have challenges. However, they will be super rugged and include a large element of bushwhacking, crossing creeks, swamps etc.. Chief is taking personal pride in designing these courses and I am sure they will up the ante in the trail run community! 

More INformation?

While this race is a part of Fuego y Agua Events, it is produced by Chief & Emilie Brabon in Australia. Along with Chief and Emilie Brabon, Course & Race Design is being done by myself (Josue) and Sean Meehan, who has been part of course design and operations for the past 4 Survival Runs. 

Race Application is now open for the Survival Run and entry is open for the 25km/50km races. Updates will be provided on the Survival Run Australia Facebook Page. 

The race is already getting a lot of excitement and Applications are streaming in from some top endurance athletes from all over the globe! Australian endurance athletes are stepping up to the challenge, with other international competitors joining the ranks! 

Out of 5 races, only 9 people have ever completed a Survival Run. (Johnson Cruz Barrios, Junyong Pak, Nickademus Hollon, Ben Slow, Paco Raptor, Christopher Shanks, Mark Wheeler, Shane McKay, Curtis Pote and Scott Smuin). Who will finish Survival Run Australia? 

Adapt or Die!