Fuego y Agua is coming in only two months and it is time to get shoes for the Calzado 5k!

What is Calzado 5k?

[caption id="attachment_1192" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo by John Frierson"][/caption]In a nutshell, Calzado 5k is a yearly 5 kilometer race for the children of Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. The event is held the day after the Fuego y Agua ultramarathon races. One of our biggest goals for Calzado 5k is to donate a pair of new or gently used shoes for every child that runs the race.

What can you do to help?

Of course coming down to the event as a volunteer would be the most fun and exciting way to participate but you don't have to be come down to help out!

In 2009, we had 350 children run the race and only 300 pairs of shoes to donate. Shipping shoes down can be very expensive. We can use a lot of help with bringing shoes down or helping to get them shipped down.

Different ways to help out:

  • Come down and Volunteer!
  • Set up shoe collection boxes in your schools, running stores etc.
  • Runners & Volunteers, bring as many shoes down with you as you can!
  • Raise money for shipping shoes down.


  • If you plan on shipping shoes down for the event, the lastest possible date to ship will be January 15th. packages are always held up in customs and take a very long time to arrive.
  • Shoes should be new or gently used. Not only running shoes, but any shoes a child can run in are acceptable (Converse, Skate Shoes etc.)

Click Here for a PDF that you can use as an information handout!

Visit the Calzado 5k Page or Contact us to tell us how you can participate!

Thank you -Josue & Paula | Fuego y Agua Race Directors