Several weeks ago, Ometepe’s Natural Doctors International (NDI) received a new doctor to assist in their clinic. Dr. Adam Friedman, in addition with all the letters after his name (MS, CSCS, CMT, ND) and several years of experience working as a teacher, physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, semi-professional soccer team’s general manager and player, and holistic physician has volunteered to join our Fuego y Agua team.

Dr. Adam has offered to use his vast knowledge in exercise and everything human anatomy to assist our Fuego y Agua sponsored Ometepe athlete, Johnson Cruz, in establishing an efficient and intense training program and diet. We at Fuego y Agua hope that Dr. Adam’s work with Johnson will elevate Johnson’s strength and stamina to new heights, leading to a lucrative running career for Johnson.

Starting in July, Dr. Adam will be posting blog updates on behalf of Johnson explaining Johnson's training schedule and progress. We are all greatly looking forward to seeing and reading about Johnson’s future successes.