I had the pleasure of meeting with Johnson Cruz, recently. As he was in the final stages of preparing for an upcoming race, I didn't want to change his training schedule too close to race-day so we discussed nutrition. I offered up my take on his food choices and we discussed possible substitutions to some of the foods he was eating. Most concerning for me was the lack of complete protein he was getting in his diet. As a 'campesino' (farmer), he eats a typical diet of beans, rice, lots of fruit and starches but few vegetables (as they are not grown on the island or cost prohibitive) and a dearth of animal fats and protein. Though he has the body of an ultra-marathoner (long and lean), I'm concerned he's catabolizing his muscles at the expense of his energy requirements. I've not been able to do a diet diary with him, to get a better look at what he's actually eating, so a more comprehensive analysis will come in the future. Future conversations will delve deeper into the three basic pillars of optimal wellness: Diet, Exercise Rest. I look forward to working with Johnson, in the future.