We created it because you requested it, only three finished last year, will you?

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua - Feb 4-7, 2015

180+ kilometers within three days, 4+ ascents and descents of the Maderas and Concepcion volcanoes, extremely tough terrain, nearly impossible challenges! Discounted entry is available for those who register for both the Survival Run and the Fuego y Agua 50k or 100k 3 days later. **You must qualify for the Survival Run and enter into both events to participate in this Challenge!

  • Survival Run + Fuego y Agua 100k is the "Devil's Double"
  • Survival Run + Fuego y Agua 50k is the "Deadly Double"


  • (out of 42 starters) 4 Survival Run Finishers in 2014
  • (out of 68 starters) 16 Fuego y Agua 100k Finishers in 2014
  • (out of 10 starters) 3 Devil's Double Finishers in 2014

Additional Winner's Trophies will be awarded to those who complete one of these events. Contact us for the Discount Code