While the Calzado Kids Runs have been a great success previously we have been concerned that there is no lasting legacy from the project and that the "donation" style of charity helps foster greater dependency versus trying to offer communities lasting solutions to local problems with their active participation. This is what motivates our change in direction. 

We are currently working out the details of what our new project on Ometepe is going to be. A reforestation and water project to bring drinking water to communities who still don't have access to clean water is a key goal. Reforestation of the island to help preserve that water and to reclaim land over used by agriculture is another key objective.

This project will be operated in collaboration with the following organizations on Isla de Ometepe: Finca CampestreProject Bonafide (Permaculture School)l and Totoco Eco-Lodge Totoco Farm (Permaculture Farm).

Heading up this project is Regional FYA Race Director Ben Slow, a UK expat who has been living on Ometepe for over 10 years and understands the needs of the local communities well. He has previously worked on water projects on Ometepe and strongly believes clean drinking water to be a human right.

Both these projects bring environmental awareness and employment to the local communities.

For our February 2015 event Fuego y Agua Survival Run & Ultras we are looking to raise money or find volunteers for installing a new water system. Work is generally carried out for free on these projects by the families that would benefit. We need to raise money for materials in the form of Galvanised steel and UPVC tubing and associated connectors and glues etc.

Additionally we want to start a nursery for growing local tree species that will later be used for reforestation initiatives on the island. We'll be looking to work with existing groups and local government initiatives and again we're seeking money or volunteers with relevant experience or time available when we are planting to help with the initiative.

We are currently looking for sponsorship in the form of donations as well as volunteers to help with the program. For more information, contact ben(at)fuegoyagua.org