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GORUCK gear is tough

If you are not familiar with GORUCK gear, you should be. Owned and operated by Special Forces veterans, GORUCK rucks (backpacks) are patterned after the gear used by soldiers in Special Operations units at home and around the world. 

From the GORUCK website:

"Rucking is the foundation for Special Forces training and it’s the foundation for everything GORUCK, including our gear. Whether you’re in New York City, Baghdad, the Rockies, or at any of our Events, GORUCK gear thrives. We proudly build it in the USA and offer a Scars Lifetime Guarantee as proof that quality is life and death to us.
So Ruck Hard, Play Hard."

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Sidenote* As a personal referral, in my opinion, there is no such thing as better looking, higher quality gear. I personally own 8 rucks, of various sizes, and lots of GORUCK gear. For travel, work, training, and events, I am always carrying a GORUCK ruck.