At Fuego y Agua we are always trying to push the boundaries and changing "the norm" of what is usual at a sporting event. We are always trying to define the experience of the event more than the running of the race itself. A few years ago we went over to Poly-Cotton blend quality comfort T's with cool designs instead of Tech-T shirts as is usual at a sporting event. The idea is that runners want a comfortable and cool shirt they can wear anywhere, not only at another race. The feedback has been excellent and people love the shirts!

For Hunter Gatherer Ultras 2013 we are once again trying a new idea, amulets instead of medals. Who has a box of medals in their closet that they never see? How about a piece of jewelry instead? Something fashionable you can wear and display anywhere you go? That is the idea behind our 2013 Hunter Gatherer Amulets, and we hope you love them as much as we do.