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Our 2nd Annual Hunter Gatherer 25k, 50k Trail Runs & Survival Run were a huge success! Once again it was a small but intimate event, with a gathering of amazing people. 

Australians Chief Brabon and Emily Hames-Brabon took the 50k 1st and 2nd Place spots for the 2nd year, we will need to get them into the Survival Run next time! 

In the Survival Run, Canadian Shane McKay had heavy competition with Iowa Police Academy Instructor Curtis Pote pushing him for first place until the last hour of the race! Shane took the win again and Curtis took 2nd. Scott Smuin of Luna Sandals came in 3rd place. Unlike 2013, where we had several Survival Run competitors cross the line, these three were the only ones who crossed the finish line for the Survival Run, they all completed the race 100% and received the I DID NOT FAIL on their medals. 

Our Survival Run course was much tougher this year and had a heavier focus on archery. Two additions to our race production staff were Nickademus Hollon and Tom Norwood. Tom Norwood brought his archery skills to the race design and Nick Hollon made sure the trail was tougher than ever before.  

Many thanks to all of our volunteers, our sponsors and supporters, without you none of this would be possible! 

There are now 7 people who have completed a Survival Run 100%, they are Johnson Cruz, Junyong Pak, Shane McKay, Nickademus Hollon, Benedict Slow, Curtis Pote and Scott Smuin. Shane McKay and Johnson Cruz are the only ones who have completed a Survival Run twice. 

Stay tuned for Hunter Gatherer 2015 news, we are moving the race to San Diego, California and planning for early October. Nickademus Hollon is stepping in for his debut role as Regional Race Director and promises a hell of an event!