Happy New Year Runners, Volunteers and Supporters, 

We are just over a month away from the 5th year of the Fuego y Agua Nicaragua Races, with the Holidays behind us, we are now busy with final preparations! 

As many of you may know, the Start/Finish Location for the races this year was announced as Hotel Charco Verde in the town of San Jose del Sur. After much deliberation, and due to course logistics, we have decided to move the Start/Finish for ALL DISTANCES to Playa Santo Domingo. 

The exact Start/Finish for ALL DISTANCES will now take place on the beach in front of Hotel Villa Paraiso on Playa Santo Domingo. Our pre-race and post-race meals will still take place at Hotel Charco Verde, as they have in the past years. 

What does this mean? 

  1. This allows us to Start and Finish all of the races from one central location. Our 50k and Survival Run had a separate Finish Line in 2013, we can now bring everything together. 
  2. The 25k now ascends/descends Volcan Maderas instead of Volcan Concepcion, making it a completely new and much tougher course. 
  3. The 50k and 100k Course ascends/descends Maderas on the same section as the original course, then explores a completely new section on the back side of the island before looping back around to Playa Santo Domingo. 
  4. The 50k and 100k Maderas ascent will be much earlier in the morning, ensuring the last runners are down well before dark. 
  5. The 100k goes up and down a completely new section on Volcan Concepcion, all of the way to the top. The course is much tougher, but much easier to navigate. 
  6. Survival Run Packet Pickup now takes place at new Start/Finish Line on Tuesday 3:30pm, Feb 5th. 
  7. The 25k, 50k and 100k now all begin at 5:00am on February 8th. 

We do not take a decision like this lightly, and we understand many of you booked near Hotel Charco Verde to be close to the Start/Finish. However, we will be offering a bus service to get runners from Moyogalpa and Hotel Charco Verde to/from the start line on race day. The buses will run only at scheduled times and will be announced on the website itinerary as well as in a pre-race email a week before the race. There is plenty of open lodging in Santo Domingo as well as nearby Altagracia and Balgue, please contact Gemma Cope at gemma@greenpathways.com for more information on local lodging etc. 

Please visit our Updated Itinerary for more information http://fuegoyagua.org/fuegoyagua-itinerary/

Playa Santo Domingo is about a 15-20 minute ride from Hotel Charco Verde, a map is embedded below to show the locations. Updated course maps will be available soon.  

We promise you will like the new course changes, and we cannot wait to see you on Ometepe soon!