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Fuego Y Agua Endurance: Challenge Your Body, Discover Your World

San Luis Obispo, CA (November 24, 2015) – Previously known as Fuego Y Agua Events, offering rugged trail races both in the USA and Internationally, Fuego Y Agua Endurance [FYA Endurance] enters a new partnership and announces a new brand of endurance event experiences designed to test thrill-seeking athletes, on challenging courses, across the globe.

“With the rapid, global growth of ultrarunning, trail-running, and obstacle course racing, Survival Run just seemed like a natural evolution,” says Josue Stephens, Operations Director and Founder of Fuego Y Agua Endurance.

Survival Run, FYA Endurance’s marquee and most challenging event series, combines the dramatic distances of rugged ultramarathon trail-running, with unique strength, stamina, and endurance challenges built around the geography of extreme environments and the culture of its people. You will never run the same race twice.

“It’s always different,” admits Christian Griffith, Marketing Director. “You might be expected to make your own gear, find your own food and water, or even make your own shoes.” And, he should know. As a seven-time event participant in the Fuego Y Agua Endurance event series, he has seen the growth first-hand, finally deciding to join the organization in an effort to help to continue to raise the bar.

For outdoor athletes not yet aware of such challenges, or not quite ready to go rogue into the unknown, Survival Run events typically offers challenging 25K, 50K, and 100K trail run events during the same week.

“We have found that many of the same athletes who like rugged trail-running eventually gain interest in the Survival Run, “ remarked Josue. “It could be the added physical challenge, or attraction to the iron-clad bond among Survival Runners, or maybe just some old fashioned peer pressure; but more times than not, I get that email, days after the running events, asking for a Survival Run application.”

To enter a Survival Run, athletes must complete an application on the Fuego Y Agua Endurance website and be accepted by the race directors. While there is no qualifying standard to date, participants must be able to demonstrate experience with running, swimming, climbing, crawling, and carrying heavy stuff.


Fuego Y Agua Endurance is founded by multi-sport athlete, Josue Stephens, race director for extreme events around the world since 2008. His partner, Christian Griffith, has been involved in race marketing, advertising and promotion since 2006. Together, the duo strives to create unique, challenging, and culturally relevant event experiences for participants, athletes, and spectators. For media, licensing, and sponsorship information, please email

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