OUR TRIBE SURVIVES", a compilation of the Survival Run short videos, is currently playing at the 2014 Ultra-Trail Show at The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®.

"The movie is being broadcast on the giant screen at the main entrance of the village, four times a day throughout the UTMB Festival for the next four days, where an estimated 50,000 people will see what it means to be a Survival Runner.
I would like to thank everyone who raced and continues to train for and race at Survival Run, and especially all the runners who generously gave their time to be interviewed in 2013 and 2014, sharing with the world what it means to do a Survival Run.
More videos are in production and development, we are working very hard to bring the stories of the Survival Run to a bigger audience, and we will be back in 2015."

Description/Introduction -- "Our Tribe Survives": Survival Run is not a game. There is nothing artificial about Survival Run. As one of the athletes said, "Survival Run is a Survival Run...you have to survive."
Some races, games or competitions may test your skill, fitness, strength, endurance, even maybe all together. Survival Run tests your nerve. It tests your ability to manage your fears, while challenging you to think and problem solve when you can't overcome an obstacle, while you are tired, hungry, cold, spent. It tests your wits, and your focus. It tests your will, your guts, your heart.
You need more than strength and endurance to come to the start line of a Survival Run.
Maybe you are fit. Survival Run says to you, fit for what? Handstand push-ups, burpees, pull-ups? Come to the jungle, see what a handstand does for you.
Another Survival Runner said, "At some point this race will expose your weakness." Sure, it's easy to boast about being fearless or feel good about being fit, in your home or with friends, or after a "workout", but where are you testing yourself? A gym? A stadium? Are you on an active volcano standing in the lava flow, at the crater at 5000 ft with winds at 60mph, in the rainforest of a wild jungle, after racing 24 hours, with no sleep, little food, drinking found water out of muddy trickle, shivering in the cold, where there are snakes, spiders, and a million bugs, or in a lake where there are crocodiles and sharks, or climbing trees with nothing to catch your fall, legs like jelly and all torn up...
So much in our world is given to us. We turn on a tap, there is water. We flick a switch, there is heat or cool. We don't grow or gather or hunt our food, we buy it. Not on Ometepe. Not at Survival Run.
Survival Run is Survival Run.

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Video produced by Fuego y Agua Productions LLC. Additional video provided courtesy of, and copyright reserved by, ProNicaragua, the Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua.
PRONicaragua is the Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua founded in 2002. It is a public-private institution whose mission is to generate economic growth and job creation in Nicaragua by attracting foreign direct investment quality. www.pronicaragua.org
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