We thought Shawn's Summary of Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer 2013 was so good, we just had to post it!  

Survival Run Summary, by Shawn Wood

Surprise, carry an 80lb log over 2 miles to the top of a big rocky hill, THEN you may have a race number.

photo by Tom Norwood

photo by Tom Norwood

Wake up at 2:30am for a very early start. Use your big ass knife to make your own primitive sandals using a piece of thin rubber and some webbing, you will be running the entire race in these sandals.

Make a bag to carry all of your food etc, bag is made out of a t-shirt and some paracord.

Run up to where you left your log the day before and drag it back down to the river.

Put a life jacket on your log (not on yourself) and swim your log over a mile down the river through thick vine like weeds in the dark and lift your log over 2 dams in the process.

"Run" a few miles through rocks, trees, cactus to the next checkpoint. Crawl down into a black scary cave, squeeze through narrow passageways, find 6 different symbols, return to surface, correctly identify all 6 symbols.

More rugged miles. Drink untreated greenish water because your purifier won't work.

Hit some targets with a throwing stick and recite your knowledge of local plants.

More crappy miles.

Make a bow drill fire using a couple sticks and a piece of paracord. Feel like a sorcerer for conjuring fire. Throw more sticks at targets, miss, worry about the unknown consequences for failing a challenge.

More crappy miles.

Get tested on more native plant knowledge, make cordage from yucca leaves. Use your big knife to make a bow from a juniper branch.

More untreated water, more crappy miles.

Arrive at archery range, climb to the top of an oak tree, cut down 2 arrows that are hanging from the top branch, shoot a target 3 times in 7 tries using the bow you made and from 50 feet away.

More bad green water.

Make a travois (a lashed together ladder of sticks to be pulled as a sled), load sled with 120lbs of rocks, attempt to pull sled 2.5 miles, realize it's impossible after just a few feet, toss travois to the side and continue without it for more crappy miles.

17 1/2 hours after starting, finish the 50k with two new friends you have made on the course. Be grateful that the 100k has been scrapped and the race is now only one 50k loop which means you can finally stop.

Feel like a god for what you have just accomplished. Find out that the stick throwing failure prevents you from getting that last medal needed to officially complete the race. Not care about that too much because almost nobody was able to actually complete everything (only one person).

Find out that your amazing girlfriend took 3rd overall in the 50k obstacle free run. Shower, sleep, start anxiously waiting for next year when you can get another chance to do it again.