This is the second of a series of posts regarding preparation and training for the upcoming Survival Run Australia (part of the Buckley's Chance Running Festival) on October 24th. If you are in the Survival Run you will need to pay close attention. If you are in the 25km or 50k, your kit list is here

If you are interested in taking part in the Survival Run, an application is required before registering. The 25km and 50km are currently open to all registrants. 

This is the final Kit List for Survival Runners. This does not mean we may not make any final suggestions or recommendations, but we will not require you to purchase any additional items. 

**We will do a gear check BEFORE you begin! You will not be allowed to start with any prohibited items or if you are missing anything from the required items List. **Proof of Insurance can be sent in advance to

Allowed Items

  • SPOT Tracker, DeLorme InReach or any other Personal Tracker or Safety Beacon.
  • More clothing & shoes than what is in required items
  • Lots of food (NO AID STATIONS!)
  • Ziploc bags **if your food and items are in them

Prohibited Items

  • GPS, handheld, watch or other screen that displays a map or location information. 
  • Compass
  • Map of area
  • Any type of backpack, pack, duffel bag, suitcase etc. **you will be making your own pack
  • Cell Phone, Smartphone
  • iPod, MP3 Player etc. 
  • Water bottles, Hydration Bladders
  • Firestarter (Flint + Steel etc)
  • Drybags (waterproofing bags) 

Required Items

The Event Shop will have some of these items available. If you are coming in from outside of Australia, you will need to arrange to purchase your machete in the country as Customs will not allow you to bring one through. Taking the machete out of the country is no problem. 

  1. Your Adventure Travel Insurance Policy: Covering the 23rd through 26th of October, 2015. A Proof of Coverage Certificate is required before you begin the race. **This is only required if you are coming from outside of Australia. 

  2. 5 Yards (4.5 meters) minimum of heavy fabric: **Canvas or similar fabric recommended. 

  3. Long Sleeve shirt and or Jacket

  4. Long Pants: **You can bring and wear shorts, but you MUST bring a pair of pants you can race in, you will not regret it! 

  5. Two Pairs of Socks & Shoes: **Something you can race in. One of the pairs of shoes needs to be in its own bag and well labeled with your Bib# & Name. 

  6. Gaiters: To protect against waitawhile (Barbwire Vines), Snakes, Spiders and Leeches. **Gaiters must be 12 inches (30cm) or higher, NOT ANKLE GAITERS!

  7. Plenty of Food!: Know your race nutrition 100%, the Survival Run event is completely unsupported **All you will have to eat is what you are carrying when you start!

  8. Leather Water Bag: You will need to make your own water carrier, please refer to the linked post for more information. You must be carrying at least 2 litres (68oz) of water with you when you start the race. There will be opportunities to refill throughout the course. Multiple water bags are allowed as long as they are made within the required specifications. 

  9. Water Purifier: There are no water stations on the course. You will need to source water from creeks, lakes and rivers. This water should always be purified prior to consumption. **Be sure the water purifier works with your leather water carrier. 

  10. Leather Sewing Kit: **Artificial Sinew, Thick Needle for sewing leather - this is also for repairing your water bladder

  11. Small Piece of Beeswax: **Fist size ok - this is for repairing your water bladder

  12. Electrolytes: SCaps, Endurolytes, SaltStick **or what ever works for you

  13. TWO glowsticks or flashing lights: and method to attach to pack **MUST wear at all times during night

  14. TWO headlamps: (or flashlights) with Extra Batteries. **water resistant is ideal

  15. Survival Blanket: (not one of those thin things, make it a serious one LIKE THIS)

  16. First Aid Survival Kit: contents are up to you, but be smart about it (Include Snake Bite Kit) - we recommend Adventure Medical Kits

  17. Emergency Whistle

  18. 100ft (30 meters) Minimum of Paracord: **Also known as 550 cord, Parachute Cord will be essential during your race, more than minimum amount is ideal. 

  19. Sharp Machete with Sheath: ** 18" minimum (with handle included.

Recommended Items

  • Trail Shoes: with a grip suited to slippery/ muddy surfaces **shoes are required, but this type of shoe recommended
  • Bugspray: Again to help protect against leeches and other insects (OFF is the brand that seems to work best with the Leeches!)
  • Survival Knife/Leatherman Tool: ** ATTENTION: International Runners will not be able to bring these with them as they will be confiscated by Australian Customs & Border Security.
  • Sunscreen: it's Australia...

Coming next: Final Training Items