As event organizers the hardest message of all to communicate is that of an event cancellation.  

We build up to events as organizers putting in place the necessary preparations. Meanwhile you, our athletes and customers, put in place the necessary training with excitement building all the time as the date comes closer. It is heart-breaking and distressing on all sides when that build-up is cut short with a cancellation notice.

So, it is with very heavy hearts, we are writing to inform everyone that Survival Run Canada 2018 is hereby cancelled. After a great inaugural event in 2017 we had hoped to build on that foundation and develop a bigger, better event second time around, and indeed for years to come. The bottom line is that we were not able to do that. The primary reason is that Squamish, with its network of national parks, various landowners and stakeholders, is not an easy place to produce an event such as Survival Run. Continued effort by our local partner in Canada is still not successful today and so we are not confident at having the required paperwork in place to legally and safely execute the event. This roadblock has, as many of you may have noted, held back other aspects of the event; particularly marketing and promotion of the event, volunteer recruitment, and local engagement. The specter of permitting has held back the momentum. We cannot in good conscience go forward knowing that any event held may not meet local health and safety requirements.

Dylan Morgan, the local organizer for Survival Run Canada is reaching out immediately to all registered runners and volunteers to personally alert them and arrange for full refunds. Please contact him directly at for specifics. 

We apologize whole-heartedly to our athletes, our friends, for this late notice, understanding that many of you have travel plans in place. We hope you are able to get refunds and alter plans. At this difficult time for Nicaragua the core team at Fuego y Agua are circling the wagons to plan the next steps for Survival Run, our brand, our ethos, and our community. We appreciate everyone who has reached out in support during this time and ask everyone to support the people of Nicaragua in any way they can, even just raising awareness via social media or your network of friends.

We will pause at this time to plot the course forward. Stay tuned friends.

Josue & Sean