Welcome to the 4th Edition of SURVIVAL RUN NICARAGUA! Our biggest SURVIVAL RUN yet, with 100 runners expected to toe the start line, and less than half of those expected to make it through the first 8 hours. 

Full Race Rules and Gear List link are below. Participants will receive two Pre-Race Emails about 3 weeks and 1 week before the event.


Hope you're training.


The rules for SURVIVAL RUN are a bit different than they were before, be sure to read through these thoroughly, our complaints department is deep inside of the crater of the Concepcion Volcano. 

  1. In SURVIVAL RUN there are 4 pieces of a medal, all together they read "I DID NOT FAIL", and are collected in a specific order:
    1. #1 FAIL
    2. #2 I
    3. #3 DID
    4. #4 NOT. The final piece, NOT, is the toughest one to obtain and is generally given at the finish line. 
  2. The medals are not always the traditional style that hangs around your neck, they are sometimes stone idols, tokens, or some other locally sourced item. Many times they are locally crafted or you may even craft your own as part of the race. 
  3. A SURVIVAL RUN is structured as 4 sections in 1, with each medal section as its own mini-race. Each race section has an overall cutoff time. 
  4. Each piece of a medal is earned by completing a certain number of challenges within that section. Once a challenge is successfully completed, a colored wristband is given.
  5. The number of wristbands for earning each piece of a medal may vary. (For Example: 4 out of 5 available wristbands = FAIL medal, 3 out of 3 available wristbands = I medal). 
  6. Challenges are Pass or Fail, there are no penalties to make up a failed challenge. You will simply not receive the wristband for that challenge. 
  7. Most Challenges do not have a limited number of attempts and you can keep trying, as long as you stay within the cutoff time for that area. This does not apply to target or throwing challenges, which have a set # of attempts. *Never assume because you missed a challenge (wristband) that you will not have enough to get the next medal. 
  8. Target/Throwing Challenges will generally have a practice area. You are allowed to practice as much as you like but must be ready to attempt the full target challenge once you begin. 
    1. When you arrive at a challenge area, let a volunteer take down your bib # and your time. 
    2. Read the posted set of instructions, you are responsible for reading and comprehending these instructions to complete the challenge. Race Staff will not tell you anything different than what is posted. This is your responsibility!
    1. If you completed a challenge successfully, make sure you have your wristband on.
    2. BEFORE YOU LEAVE check in with a volunteer to have your bib number and your time recorded. 
    3. Read any posted Departure Instructions 
  11. You will have a thorough gear check before the race begins to make sure you have everything on the required kit list and no disallowed items. While we cannot tell you how much food you need, we will look at what you have and ask you to make sure you have enough for the entire race! 
  12. Only those who complete the entire course with I DID NOT FAIL are eligible for prizes and trophies.
  13. Results will be posted with those who completed the entire race and received I DID NOT FAIL. All others will be posted as DNF. 


The race has not gotten any easier. Other than what is spelled out in the list below, bring pretty much whatever you like, but it may only end up as extra weight or bulk. 

Gear Check - 7am on Wednesday, Feb 3rd at Start/Finish - Be ready to lay all of this equipment out in an organized fashion so we can make sure you have all of the required gear. We recommend you pack light, cutoffs are aggressive. If you start the race with it, you must carry it all of the way through and finish the race with it!. Marking your gear with your name is recommended. This is Nicaragua, if you have any special dietary needs, reconsider. 

We recommend you pack light, cutoffs are aggressive. If you start the race with it, you must carry it all of the way through and finish the race with it!. Marking your gear with your name is recommended. This is Nicaragua, if you have any special dietary needs, reconsider. 


  • GPS Devices
  • Cell Phones


  • SPOT Tracker or other type of personal Satellite Tracker
  • GoPro or similar video camera
  • Anything else you want/need to slow you down and make your bag heavier. 


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray 
  • Gloves 
  • Leg & Arm Sleeves


  1. Your Adventure Travel Insurance Policy covering the 3rd through 6th of February, 2015**A Proof of Coverage Certificate is requiredbefore you begin the race. Info is at bottom of this page. 
  2. 1000 Nicaraguan Cordobas in small bills
  3. Water Carrier for at least 2L
  4. 100ft of Paracord (550 cord)
  5. Survival Blanket or Bivvy - We Recommend: SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER® ESCAPE LITE™ BIVVY 
  6. First Aid Survival Kit We Recommend: ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS ULTRALIGHT & WATERTIGHT .7 
  7. Water Purifier - We Recommend: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  8. Long Sleeve shirt or Jacket **Volcanoes can get cold and windy very quickly! bring whatever clothing you need
  9. Plenty of Food and Water! **know your race nutrition 100%, you can sometimes trade with locals or buy food at small shops on the course.
  10. Electrolytes **SCaps, Endurolytes, SaltStick, Nuun or what works for you. 
  11. TWO Glowsticks or flashing lights **and method to attach to pack, you MUST wear one at all times when in the dark. 
  12. TWO headlamps (or flashlights) **waterproof is ideal
  13. Extra Batteries
  14. Sharp Machete (18" minimum recommended - handle included) with sturdy sheath and sharpening file, these can be easily sourced in Nicaragua, but need to be sharpened.
  15. TWO Large Grain Sacks **can easily be purchased in a Nicaragua hardware store if you arrive on time, 100lb capacity.

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