A series of videos filmed on location in Nicaragua during the Survival Run 2013 and 2014 events. For more information, see "What Is a Survival Run" 

"They Warned Us" - Survival Runners are told: "Most of you will not finish"; they are told: "Adapt or die". See why these instructions are not an exaggeration, not marketing hyperbole, not idle chatter. Survival Run requires its athletes to swear an oath: "If I get lost, hurt or die, it is my OWN damn fault."

"Survival Run In Words" - How do you describe a race that takes you through some of the toughest challenges imaginable in one of the wildest and exotic locations on the planet?

"Survival Run Tribe" - What does it take to do one of the world's hardest and most dangerous races? Survival Runners are a special breed. Survival Run IS NOT your average hometown mud race with manufactured obstacles or dangers; this is REAL! Learn to climb a tree; ropes and bars are for gyms. Fear is your worst enemy on this course; leave it at home.

What is success, what is failure? Not all failures are equal, and what might appear to be a failure can be something more. Survival Runners build their own medal as they complete obstacles along the 75 km course in the 30 hours they have to do the race.

All videos produced by Fuego y Agua Productions LLC.  Additional video provided courtesy of, and copyright reserved by, ProNicaragua, the Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua. PRONicaragua is the Investment Promotion Agency of Nicaragua founded in 2002. It is a public-private institution whose mission is to generate economic growth and job creation in Nicaragua by attracting foreign direct investment quality.   http://www.pronicaragua.org