Spartan Racers, Ultra Runners and Extreme Athletes Beware! On 4:00am, February 16th, 2013, racers will embark on 70km+ of the most brutal obstacle course the world has ever seen. Get Ready for the Fuego y Agua Survival Run - You will NOT be ready!

After doing a few Spartan Races and getting bored of the average Ultra, I am ready for the next level. This is why I have created the Fuego y Agua Survival Run, a race that makes "regular" ultrarunning and obstacle course racing look easy. This is the race that has been on my mind for years, ever since the beginning of Fuego y Agua in 2008. A challenge that combines a very rugged ultra event with extremely challenging obstacles is ideal for Isla de Ometepe! The course takes the already challenging 50km Section of the Fuego y Agua Ultra Race and adds another 20km+. Much of the course takes place on the slopes of Volcan Maderas. Survival Runners will race accross volcanic jungle slopes, cloud forest, coffee and banana plantations, jungle rivers, white sand beach, islands, a volcanic crater lagoon and more.

Warning: This race is not for everyone! While the obstacles may sound fun and challenging, the course is going to be set up as pass or fail. A Survival Runner can complete the event only through his/her success on the obstacles. There will be no burpees or time penalties for missing obstacles, but not finishing an obstacle means the Survival Runner may reach the finish line with an incomplete finish. This course will be very dangerous, there are no feather beds or lattes in your Survival Running future.

Here is your Course Map

Not very many details on the course will be provided until race day, but an accomplished athlete, obstacle racer or ultra-distance runner can train for the course by running, climbing, swimming and carrying. You will not have any comparison for this event with anything you have ever done before, come prepared, but you will not be prepared. This race will challenge all aspects of your fitness.

Cash Prizes will be available to the Top 3 Male and Female Finisher's. Prizes are only awarded to those who complete the course 100%. If no one finishes, the money goes into the pot for next year, doubling the prize and raising the bar. As far as getting a finisher medal, well, you will see...

Rules, Regulations and a list of what racers need is provided on the Survival Run Page.

Registration is done with pre-approvals only. In order to qualify, please review the Survival Run Page for more information

-Josue | RD