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Featured Fuego y Agua Sponsor | Hospital Metropolitano

Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas was a 2012 Platinum Level Sponsor and has now signed on for 2013 Platinum Sponsorship! At Fuego y Agua 2012 Hospital Metropolitano provided us with a team of Emergency Response Nurses at key Aid Stations, Helicopter Rescue on standby, and Emergency Management Plan and integration with international health insurance and event insurance plans. All Runners, Volunteers and Race Staff were covered during the event to ensure maximum safety and protection.

Below is a short Video on the gorgeous Hospital Metropolitano Facility and Services as well as a nice Virtual Tour. Please take the time to watch and to thank them for providing such generous Fuego y Agua support.

Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas: Medical Tourism

Virtual Tour of Hospital Metropolitano

DNDNF | Guest Post | FYA 2012 100k Finisher Chris Hall


This past weekend I ran my third ultra marathon, a 100k race on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. For more info on our adventures before and after the race checkout Tarah's post.
I definitely had my apprehensions concerning the race right until the launching of the bottle rocket to start the race. My training had been almost nonexistent since the Panama City International Marathon in December, I had been battling injury/pain in both of my knees and the back of my right leg, and the week before the race I could hardly walk. In hindsight, I should have changed to the 50k distance as soon as we got to the island, but I didn't, and at 4:00am on Saturday I was toeing the line of my biggest running challenge yet.
gearing up
waiting for the gun
My plan was to go out super conservatively and listen to my body. The sun didn't rise until about 6:00 so we had almost two hours of running by headlamp. The first section wasn't very technical, but since it was difficult to see, I managed to twist my ankle before we got to the first aid station. At the aid station (9.1k), I checked in (there were only a couple of runners behind me) and got my first of nine bracelets for the day. We had short sections of pavement before and after the aid station so I was able to run a little more smoothly in those sections. Shortly after leaving San José del Sur, the community where the aid station was located, the course moved back to trail and eventually beach and banana fields. Through this section, I chatted with some other back of the packers and found out that a bunch of runners had missed a turn and lost a fair amount of time, so for a bit we were actually towards the front of the pack. Pat, the runner that would eventually take second, caught back up to us just as we were entering the banana fields. There was a small wall and some large roots obstructing the trail, but Pat charged past us and by the time we (the back of the packers) managed to navigate the obstacles, Pat was out of sight.


Fuego y Agua 2012 | Post Race Thoughts

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February 18, 2012

Ultramaraton Fuego y Agua 2012 Post Race Newsletter

Thank you to all of those who participated in the 3rd Edition of Ultramaraton Fuego y Agua as Runners, Volunteers, Sponsors, Spectators and Supporters! It was a huge success on so many levels. The family atmosphere and comraderie was very strong and made for a unique experience most of us will never forget. 

We are already getting things ready for 2013 and Registration is NOW OPEN

Records and Results
The temperatures were high this year, definitely our hottest race up to now. The temperature did not keep runners in the 25k and 50k from tearing up course records though! Johnson Cruz Barrios of Isla de Ometepe demolished his own 50k Course Record of 2009 by almost an hour finishing in 5:18. Gabriela Stephens of Pennsylvania, USA brought the Women's 50k Course Record down over an hour finishing in 7:50! Dirian Bonilla of Jinotega Nicaragua tore up the 25k Course for a 2:15 Finish, bringing the record down by 17 minutes. Gillian McCarthy of Ireland brought down the Women's 25k Course Record by finishing in 3:06. 

The 100k had an almost 50% dropout rate with 19 starters and 10 finishers. Ben LaVigeur won the men's 100k in 13:08 and Mary Bridges took the women's win in 20:16. 

We would never be able to accomplish this race without the support of our incredible volunteers. Hauling massive amounts of water and equipment through brutal terrain to the volcano Aid Stations is only one of the many exhausting tasks our volunteers go through. The positive energy and encouraging attitudes of all volunteers were what helped the runners get through their races this year. Thank you Volunteers!

Shoe Donations and Calzado Kids Run
A massive Thank You to all of those who participated in gathering shoes and/or hauling shoes down to Nicaragua for the Kids Race. Over 400 children participated from all over the island, our biggest event yet! Hauling duffel bags full of shoes on a plane can be a very tough ordeal, but the looks on these kids faces made everyone's effort completely worthwhile. Thank you Everyone for your Massive Effort, We did it!
Thank you to Marathon Kids for donating the 400 shirts and medals for the Kids Race, this was the icing on the cake and all of the children were very proud to wear their shirts and medals.

Sponsors and Supporters
Our Sponsors this year really came through for Fuego y Agua and were extremely supportive. We could not have done it without you and look forward to your support for next year!

Official Fuego y Agua Photography was provided this year by Un-Focused Photography. 3 Photographers were all over the course all day and took a lot of excellent photos. Please contact them on their website if you are interested in getting any photos from 2012.  *Un-Focused Photography will also be at Fuego y Agua 2013. 

We are excited about what 2013 will bring. Runners are already signing up quickly and we will be capping the race at 100 runners per distance. We also hope to collect even more shoes for an even bigger Calzado Kids Race!

The 100k Challenge still stands, run it in under 11 hours and you will get a refund on your entry fee! 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

"corre como loco, cambia tu mundo" ("run like crazy, change your world")
Josue & Paula | Race Directors