“To All Registered Celts Runners, Volunteer & Supporters,

I regret to announce the cancellation of The Celts 25k, 50k and Survival Run in Porthcawl, Wales UK on August 23, 2014. This was a very tough email for me to put together, and as a team, everyone on this project worked very hard to push past any obstacles to make this race a reality, but today we were forced to make the cancellation a reality.

Unexpected land access, insurance and regulatory issues in South Wales ultimately prevented us from putting on the event in the originally planned location. In addition, our Regional Director became extremely ill at this crucial time during the development of these issues and has been bedridden for well over a week. With the accumulation of these issues, we realized there was no way to move forward with the event. We were fully prepared to go over budget to make the event happen, and we sent members of our team on a race reconnaissance trip to explore all options. As a last resort, a change of race venue was proposed and explored, but with just over two weeks before the race, we were unable to make it a reality.

We value and respect your commitment, and we know a lot of you have been to several of our events. Please understand this cancellation only applies to The Celts and does not affect any of our other events in Texas, Mexico or Nicaragua. All other events are confirmed and have no regulatory issues. Nicaragua is on its 7th year, Hunter Gatherer on its 2nd year and Ultra Caballo Blanco on its 13th year.

We are offering these options for your registration refund:

  1. A refund on your registration fee via Paypal or check by mail.
  2. An entry into any Hunter Gatherer Event on October 4, 2014.
  3. An entry into any Fuego y Agua Nicaragua Event on February 4-7, 2015.

As a growing company in a small and innovative racing niche, we suffer from “learning experiences”, but our utmost commitment is to continue to produce awesome events and to bring together awesome people.

Again, I offer my sincere apologies. All Registered runners are encouraged to email me directly 


Fuego y Agua Events LLC.
Events Director”