The Human Path Survival School owner and Head instructor Sam Coffman

The Human Path Survival School owner and Head instructor Sam Coffman

The Human Path is extending a 10% discount to all Survival Run Athletes who want to participate in their upcoming classes, either before or after their races. 

The Human Path Survival School is proud to support Fuego y Agua in the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer that will be in Rocksprings and the Survival Run: Nicaragua. Part of being an efficient endurance athlete is having a firm grasp of the primitive survival skills needed to advance through the race quickly, as well as to develop personal skills that will help keep the athlete safe and aware during training, if they or another runner are injured, or if they are in an unfamiliar outdoor environment. Tracking, primitive skills and basic wilderness first aid are all assets to help endurance athletes progress while using skills that are universal to survival.

Here are the areas that will help the most with Survival Run Training

  • Tracking: an essential skill for learning about orientation and the environment they are moving through. Being able to recognize during training runs or during a race how the land shows signs of animal habitation, plants to be avoided, etc.
  • Primitive Skills: a good introduction into the skills they will need for the race.
  • Wilderness First Aid: good for anyone to know, especially for endurance events. We had a group of cyclists come through this past June for this reason. *The next one will be after the Rocksprings race but very timely for the Nicaragua race. 

Dates and courses Available

  1. August 23-25th: Naturalist Studies and Wildlife Tracking: Texas Coastal Shores. Each session of this tracking program will cover a different region and the tracks and environment that are unique to that area. Spend three days in an undisturbed and overlooked area of pristine coastal life while learning about the flora and fauna that exist only in the coastal region of Texas.
  2. August 31-Sept 1st. Hunter-Gatherer Level 1, Intensive Weekend 1 (of 3). *As long as they are also signed up for the primitive core basic, the instructor has waived the pre-requisite and they can take this intensive course. Students will learn essential survival skills like advanced shelter building, water procurement, advanced fire-making, natural cordage, stone tools, primitive containers, primitive foods and cooking.
  3. Sept. 6-8th. Primitive Core Basic, Part 1. Taught by Sam and our Hunter-Gatherer instructor. The PCB is a very thorough curriculum that is vital to master and understand in order to be able to fend for oneself, in a wilderness or rural setting, under a wide variety of circumstances. These include basic survival skills from knife safety, ropes and knots, snares, emergency shelters, water purification, primitive hunting, wilderness first aid, basic plant ID, self defense and more.
  4. Wilderness First Aid Certification. This is a national 16-hr certification process that will enable students to learn about and then DO the skills needed in order to assess and quickly stabilize an injured person in a remote setting until help can be found.