The course winds through single track, dirt road and sand as it passes towns, villages, coffee, cacao and banana plantations, cloud forest, volcanic trail and white sand beaches.

Fire and water and endurance running.... Ultramaratón Fuego y Agua is a challenging set of footraces on the island of Ometepe, located on Lake Nicaragua, in southeastern Nicaragua. Ometepe is the the largest volcanic island inside a fresh water lake in the world and in 2010 became a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

On Ometepe the elements come together, forming a unique venue, confronting runners with dramatic changes in climate and geography, from tropical beaches and jungles to dry tropics and cloud forests. The rugged beauty and biodiversity of Ometepe and personal challenge of ultarunning draws us to this remote place; yet we are guests of the people of Ometepe. By benefiting the local economy and sponsoring a Fun Run for children, we the sponsors of Ultramaratón Fuego y Agua strive to reciprocate the value of our experience, and we hope participants come to appreciate the people of Ometepe as we do....

Race course lengths range from 25km, 50km and 100km. The 100k course is a single loop circling most of the island and leads runners on difficult ascents and descents of both volcanoes. The 25k and 50k courses cover part of the 100k course.

Fuego y Agua is run with a philanthropic objective and hosts two other events alongside the footraces: Isla Limpia (a trash-pickup day) and Calzado Kids Run (a shoe drive and Kids Fun Run).


Register Now! Making a race happen takes a lot of work and dedication and we can always use volunteers. See our volunteer page for more information or to register as a volunteer for these events.