Wrap Up and Recap of the 2013 Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer
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Hunter Gatherer 2013 Post-Race Recap

The recent Hunter Gatherer Survival Run and Ultras were ridiculous, as usual.  Nothing less than ridiculous, brutal, insane races would be expected from the Fuego y Agua Production Team.  When we design a course, there is no shame in being broken by it. With over 14,000 of elevation gain/loss over 31.31 miles, this course was not playing around. 

To be clear, the tagline for the Fuego y Agua Survival Run is "You Will Not Finish," so no one can say they weren't warned.  However, with a tagline that is essentially a dare, you can bet the craziest of the craziest ultrarunners and adventure racers were lured out to the unforgiving, savage beauty of the Texas Hill Country to compete in the first annual Hunter Gatherer Ultras & Survival Runs.  Racers from as far as Australia, Canada and as near as San Antonio and Austin toed the line at 4:30 am Saturday, October 5th.  But instead of tearing off into the wilds, participants of the Survival Run first had to construct their own sandals to run in for the duration of the first 50km.  As the minutes ticked by and one runner after another laced up their freshly carved sandals, the day was off to a strangely subdued but promising start.  By the time that the Ultras (those runners participating in the run only version of the race) had started at 5:30am, the Survival Runners were off and headed to the first obstacle.

The day progressed with runners grunting, cursing, falling, and deliriously making their way through the course.  13 runners completed the 50k while many took a Fabulous Fail or had an impromptu picnic.   A slew of detailed and extremely honest and humorous race reports have been shared in the past few day so we'll not waste time or cyber-space here recounting tales best told by the runners themselves.  Be sure to read the excellent read race reports on the Fuego y Agua blog and check out the outstanding pictures shot by SeeFar Photographic!

Chief Brabon and Emily Hames of Australia dominated the brutal 50k course in 5:48 and 6:50, taking 1st and 2nd overall! In addition to being world-class athletes, Chief and Emily own and operate Original Bootcamp, the #1 Fitness Bootcamp in Australia. 

Canadian Shane McKay (53 years old) took the Survival Run with a 16:22 Finish and is the only one who completed the race with all 4 Amulets, reading I DID NOT FAIL. Only 12 others made it to the 50k Finish line with one, two or three amulets. No one went out on the 2nd loop for the 100km race option, so all racers were moved to 50km only. it is worth remarking that Shane McKay was well within the time cutoff for the second loop, and would have very likely completed 100k, but he graciously backed out, saying "I don't want the race staff to be waiting for me all night." 

Special thanks and the Hero Award goes to John Taylor, a Survival Runner who dropped at 10 miles with a twisted ankle. John trained for over 6 months specifically for Hunter Gatherer, but he put it all on the line at 2:00am race morning to join a search party looking for a missing Race Staffer who had not returned from course marking. We found the missing person, they were ok, but John sustained an ankle injury that took him out 10 miles into the race. 

Full Race Results can be found here

Ready for the next Ultra & Survival Run?

Already there is a lot of buzz about the Fuego y Agua Nicaragua Ultras and Survival Run: Nicaragua coming up in February 2014.  If you want to run any of these races, be sure to sign up soon.  There will only be 100 slots for the Survival Run and 400 slots for the Ultras.  Be sure to REGISTER SOON

If safety and sanity mean absolutely nothing to you, you may just be crazy enough to attempt the Deadly "Devils" Double Challenge and run the 70km+ Survival Run: Nicaragua on February 5 and then just 3 days later run the Fuego y Agua 100km.  Only the bravest and stupidest will apply.  

Sure, you have a special love/hate thing going on with those sandals you savagely carved up, but in case you aren't ready to wear them around town and want a pair of Lunas made by the pros, email Tom at tom@lunasandals.com to get a discount code.  You know you want to.

Also, Wazoo Survival Gear donated some of their Companion key chains and Bite zipper pulls.  Several of you hardened survivalists received these as prizes and are eager to get your hands on more Wazoo Survival Gear.  One thing that we love about Wazoo's products is that you can buy their products "In-a-Bag
" meaning that the components (fish hook. line, cord, flint and steel, etc) are in a bag instead of the bracelet or key chain so that you can practice using the components in your Wazoo product.  Use code FUEGO for 10% off orders on Wazoo's website.
Many thanks to the AMAZING volunteers at Hunter Gatherer 2013!

We would like to thank the absolutely awesome volunteers that gave up their weekend to help out, encourage, motivate, and downright inspire the runners and the crew alike with their fortitude and unrelenting service.  Zac Wessler, our Volunteer Coordinator and Amanda Esquivel, our Race Coordinator did an amazing job!

Our deepest thanks to :

Paula Ring-Stephens
Brittany Page
Adelaide Pangemanan
Dan Bennett
Jessica Hernandez
Dion Hazelbaker
Daniel Sirfuente
Michael Sifuentes
David Sifuentes
Sarah Sifuentes
Paul Rockwool
Kelley Koehler
Kim Ehardt
Lena Damvar
Roman Gonzalez
Tina Taylor
Yuancheng Liu
Autumn Gilbertson
Greg Wiggins



Hunter Gatherer 2013 SPONSORS:

We would like to thank our sponsors as well.

Sam Coffman and the team at The Human Path were instrumental in creating the challenges for the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer course.  We HIGHLY recommend The Human Path for training in survival skills, herbal medicine, post disaster management and self defense.  Visit them at TheHumanPath.com.

Scott and Tom of Luna Sandals have been huge supporters of Hunter Gatherer 2013 from the get go.  A million thanks to them and their team for their support, provision of the sandal making supplies, and Luna gift certificates and prizes. 

Epic Bars and Saquito provided the much prized and highly revered race foods in the form of the grass fed deliciousness that is Epic Bars and the energy packed, tasty and shootable Saquito Mix packets.  

And a big thanks to Bison Designs for the paracord products.

Be sure and check out our media sponsors as well:

Dirt in Your Skirt


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