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Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs go beyond ultramarathon, obstacle and adventure racing


Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs go beyond ultramarathon, obstacle and adventure racing

Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs & Survival Run - October 4, 2014 

This October 4th, Fuego y Agua Events'  Hunter Gatherer Trail Runs & Survival Run, returns to Texas for another year of brutal badassery. FYA Events is internationally recognized for its extreme ultra distance endurance races and the Hunter Gatherer runs are part of its Americas Series, which include the Caballo Blanco Copper Canyon Ultramarathon in Urique, Mexico and the Fuego y Agua Ultras and Survival Run in Isla de Ometepe,  Nicaragua.

Taking place in the treacherous and unforgiving terrain of west Texas, the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer will integrate primitive survival skills into a 50km off trail race.  Competitors in the 50 km Survival Run will be challenged to demonstrate proficiency in bow drill fire making, creating and shooting a bow and arrow, finding and filtering water, and even fashioning their own sandals which they will have to run the race in.

The Hunter Gatherer Survival Run takes participants out of their comfort zone and into the unknown by challenging them to use and master primitive skills that the peoples indigenous to the region had to use on a daily basis.  Entry to the Survival Run is by application only.  

The Hunter Gatherer event will also include self supported 25km and 50km run only (no obstacle/challenge) races.  Participants in the run-only ultras will be facing the same challenging terrain as the Survival Run competitors, and will still have to find and filter their own water, but will not have to complete the various obstacles faced by the Survival Runners.  

In keeping with the philosophy and theme of the Hunter Gatherer Survival Run, sponsors of the event are ones whose product lines are focused on promoting the health benefits of a traditional or primitive lifestyle.  

Seattle footwear company Luna Sandals is the presenting sponsor of the 2014 Hunter Gatherer events.

Austin, TX based Epic Bars is a supporting sponsor of the Hunter Gatherer events.  Epic Bars are protein bars made from grass fed bison meat and are a top seller at area natural grocery stores.   The ingredients in the Epic bars are foods that peoples native to the West Texas area would have recognized and used.  

This year will be the second annual Hunter Gatherer event.  Over the past year, the stories of grit and focused determination from Hunter Gatherer 2013 have spread like wildfire throughout the ultra, obstacle and trail running communities resulting in some intimidating applications from solid obstacle racers such as Nick Hollon (winner of the 2013 Barkley 100 Mile Race and the 2014 Fuego y Agua Nicaragua Survival Run) and Shane McKay (winner of the 2013 Hunter Gatherer Survival Run).  The list of registered racers grows daily assuring that the 2014 Hunter Gatherer event is sure to be a display of unprecedented ridiculousness and unbelievable awesomeness in both the Survival Run race and the run-only 25k and 50k trail races.

A portion of the proceeds from the Hunter Gatherer event will go to Norawas de Raramuri, a non-profit which works with the Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco to ensure that the local Raramuri (Tarahumara) participants of the race receive the non-GMO seed corn and maize that are vital to their survival.

The races, both the Survival Runs and the Hunter Gatherer trail races, will take place on Saturday, October 4th at Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, TX starting at 4am.  For more details or to apply for the Survival Run: Hunter Gatherer,  please visit

2014 Hunter Gatherer Sponsors

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