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“To All Registered Celts Runners, Volunteer & Supporters,

I regret to announce the cancellation of The Celts 25k, 50k and Survival Run in Porthcawl, Wales UK on August 23, 2014. 

What is Survival Run?

Survival Run is not an obstacle course race or an ultramarathon, but a combination of both. It is not a standard definition of an obstacle course race, with mud, manufactured obstacles and gimmicky fire jumps. Survival Run is all about adapting to the environment and taking on challenges that are part of the culture and location where the event takes place.


We produce Extreme Endurance Running & Adventure events with a philanthropic purpose. Our mission is to bring unique, challenging and sustainable endurance events to the planet. We strive to bring our runners, volunteers and participants an integrated cultural and learning experience, not just another racing more...

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"Survival Run: In Words" 

How do you describe a race that takes you through some of the toughest challenges imaginable in one of the wildest and exotic locations on the planet?