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Fuego y Agua Devil's Double 2015

180+ Kilometers within three days, 4+ ascents and descents of the Maderas and Concepcion Volcanoes, Extremely tough terrain, nearly impossible challenges! 

Survival Run Video Shorts

A series of videos filmed on location in Nicaragua during the Survival Run 2013 and 2014 events. For more information, see "What Is a Survival Run" 

July News Flash

Challenge Your Body, Discover Your World! - Fuego y Agua has grown a lot from the small race on Isla de Ometepe in 2008 to 3 yearly events in Wales, Nicaragua and Texas USA. 


We produce Extreme Endurance Running & Adventure events with a philanthropic purpose. Our mission is to bring unique, challenging and sustainable endurance events to the planet. We strive to bring our runners, volunteers and participants an integrated cultural and learning experience, not just another racing more...

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The Celts - Wales | August 23, 2014

Hunter Gatherer - USA | October 4, 2014 

Fuego y Agua - Nicaragua | February 3-7, 2015

Ultra Caballo Blanco- Mexico | March 1, 2015

Are you interested in trying out a Survival Run? Watch this video to find out more about it! - CLICK HERE for more videos on our YouTube Channel! 

"Survival Run: In Words" 

How do you describe a race that takes you through some of the toughest challenges imaginable in one of the wildest and exotic locations on the planet?