Meet the Fuego y Agua Events Team

Fuego y Agua Events would not be possible without these people. We have an amazing team! from Ultra Caballo Blanco in Mexico, Hunter Gatherer in Texas, to Fuego y Agua in Nicaragua. 

Read more below about our teams of organizers!


Fuego y Agua Events

Josue Stephens

Founder/Director of Fuego y Agua Events | Ultra Caballo Blanco Co-Director 

An avid ultra runner and traveling enthusiast, I spent the first ten years of life as a missionary kid in Mexico and Central America. Although mostly Scottish and Irish, I learned Spanish as my first language. Once of age, I continued traveling to Central America and Mexico for adventure and to quench my thirst for the beautiful culture.

My dream has always been to work with the people of Central America in environmental and economic sustainability. When I began running ultra marathons, everything just clicked for me, I would develop a sustainable footrace on Isla de Ometepe. This way I could not only work with the local economy, but I could also have an incredible and challenging event at the same time. Since then, the little race on Ometepe has expanded to other events worldwide.


Brad Quinn

Hunter Gatherer Ultras | Regional Co-Director

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Zac Wessler

Fuego y Agua Events | Director of Business Operations

A desire for adventure and service led me to the US Peace Corps in 2011 where I worked as a Small Business Development Volunteer on the Island of Ometepe. There, I was introduced to the world of ultrarunning and changed practically overnight from a lifetime of despising running to a running enthusiast finishing my first ultramarathon (CCUM) in March of 2013. Originally from Trumbull, Connecticut, I volunteered for the local volunteer fire and EMS departments for several years, have traveled to dozens of countries around the world, and, in 2010, graduated from the University of Maryland. I can now be found in Austin, TX running trails, practicing yoga, or climbing trees with Josue in the parks around town.

Benedict Slow

Fuego y Agua Nicaragua | Regional Director

Cafe Campestre & Campestre Tours

Born in the uninspiring Midlands of central England I now live a long way from my origins on the island of Ometepe, home to Fuego y Agua ultra races in Nicaragua. Here I run a small farm to table restaurant with produce we grow on our organic farm. When not working I can be found training on the volcanoes, or in the lake, in the most natural conditions I can create to simulate events. 
Prior to living on Ometepe I was a dedicated rock climber and mountain biker and  spent two years cycling around the world before settling in Nicaragua over 10 years ago.


Christian Griffith

Fuego y Agua Events | Marketing Consultant

Freebairn and Company Advertising Agency 

Christian Griffith loves to move his body. Running, surfing, skating, SUP'ing, swimming, and just about anything that involves hurling one's body in various directions; but life can't be all fun and games, so when it's time to be professional, Christian digs in as Vice President of Digital Strategy at Freebairn & Company Advertising Agency in Atlanta, Georgia, developing integrated advertising and marketing campaigns for a various clients from universities to retail lighting stores and everything in between. Lastly, and most importantly, Christian proudly holds the distinction of the most 100K finishes at Fuego Y Agua, and plans to come back every year to hold on to this title.


Ultra Caballo Blanco

Maria Walton

Ultra Caballo Blanco Co-Director | President/Chair of Norawas de Raramuri

Growing up in the farmlands of Indiana, brought appreciation for the blessings of family, community, and honoring the bountiful gifts from Mother Earth. Raised with six brothers, running brought a sense of freedom. My family encouraged me to follow my passion of servitude with humility and grace.

As a Marathon Coach, I’ve had the joy of making a difference in the lives of others, one step at a time, as we celebrate this magical journey across the finish line, while raising funds for medical research to find a cure for blood related cancers.

In 2009, a group of dedicated athletes established a U.S. Based Non Profit, Norawas de Raramuri (Friends of the Running People), to encourage the running traditions of the Tarahumara/Raramuri families of the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua Mexico. Through the opportunities gained from their sponsored events, the communities are encouraged to run free, and sustain one another through agricultural, educational, and nutritional support.  

In 2002, through the simple dreams of Micah True, El Caballo Blanco, an Ultra Marathon foot race was created, to unite the running cultures of the Tarahumara Indigenous Indians, Mexican Nationals, and International athletes worldwide.

With Micah’s passing, Josue Stephens and I have dedicated our hearts to continue this beautiful celebration, benefiting thousands of families of the Sierra Madre.

My sincere love for the music of Mother Earth, community, and poetry strengthens my spirit every moment I run.

Cecy Villalobos

Urique Director of Tourism | Ultra Caballo Blanco Events Organizer

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